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Title: RFC: Data flow from the MICE experiment
Authors: Nebrensky, JJ
Keywords: Muon ionisation cooling experiment;MICE data analysis
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
Citation: MICE Note no.252, 22 Apr 2009
Abstract: This document sketches out the flow of data from the MICE experiment, as I currently understand it. This includes not only illustrating the structure of the data flow, but also setting out a consistent vocabulary with which to describe it. Many aspects of this data flow are either misunderstood by me, currently undecided, not yet implemented, or simply have never been considered before; so feedback is both welcomed and essential. Background information about job submission and file storage on the Grid can be found in previous MICE Notes and the references therein. In particular the first two sections of Note 247 are meant to provide a gentle introduction to Grid data storage from the MICE perspective, and timid MICE may wish to read those first.
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