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Title: Facilitating file retrieval on resource limited devices
Authors: Jan, Sadaqat
Advisors: Al-Raweshidy, H
Keywords: Semantic search;FARM;SemFARM;Mobile computing;Ubiquitous computing
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Brunel University School of Engineering and Design PhD Theses
Abstract: The rapid development of mobile technologies has facilitated users to generate and store files on mobile devices. However, it has become a challenging issue for users to search efficiently and effectively for files of interest in a mobile environment that involves a large number of mobile nodes. In this thesis, file management and retrieval alternatives have been investigated to propose a feasible framework that can be employed on resource-limited devices without altering their operating systems. The file annotation and retrieval framework (FARM) proposed in the thesis automatically annotates the files with their basic file attributes by extracting them from the underlying operating system of the device. The framework is implemented in the JME platform as a case study. This framework provides a variety of features for managing the metadata and file search features on the device itself and on other devices in a networked environment. FARM not only automates the file-search process but also provides accurate results as demonstrated by the experimental analysis. In order to facilitate a file search and take advantage of the Semantic Web Technologies, the SemFARM framework is proposed which utilizes the knowledge of a generic ontology. The generic ontology defines the most common keywords that can be used as the metadata of stored files. This provides semantic-based file search capabilities on low-end devices where the search keywords are enriched with additional knowledge extracted from the defined ontology. The existing frameworks annotate image files only, while SemFARM can be used to annotate all types of files. Semantic heterogeneity is a challenging issue and necessitates extensive research to accomplish the aim of a semantic web. For this reason, significant research efforts have been made in recent years by proposing an enormous number of ontology alignment systems to deal with ontology heterogeneities. In the process of aligning different ontologies, it is essential to encompass their semantic, structural or any system-specific measures in mapping decisions to produce more accurate alignments. The proposed solution, in this thesis, for ontology alignment presents a structural matcher, which computes the similarity between the super-classes, sub-classes and properties of two entities from different ontologies that require aligning. The proposed alignment system (OARS) uses Rough Sets to aggregate the results obtained from various matchers in order to deal with uncertainties during the mapping process of entities. The OARS uses a combinational approach by using a string-based and linguistic-based matcher, in addition to structural-matcher for computing the overall similarity between two entities. The performance of the OARS is evaluated in comparison with existing state of the art alignment systems in terms of precision and recall. The performance tests are performed by using benchmark ontologies and the results show significant improvements, specifically in terms of recall on all groups of test ontologies. There is no such existing framework, which can use alignments for file search on mobile devices. The ontology alignment paradigm is integrated in the SemFARM to further enhance the file search features of the framework as it utilises the knowledge of more than one ontology in order to perform a search query. The experimental evaluations show that it performs better in terms of precision and recall where more than one ontology is available when searching for a required file.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University.
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