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Title: The hydrodynamics of countercurrent chromatography in J-type centrifuges
Authors: Wood, Philip Leslie
Advisors: Sutherland, IA
Parris, C
Keywords: Brunel countercurrent chromatography (CCC);Advanced liquid-liquid extraction;Stationary phase retention;Hagan-Poiseuille equation
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: Countercurrent chromatography (CCC) is an advanced liquid-liquid extraction technique that purifies chemical components from complex mixtures. The Brunel CCC' is a J-type centrifuge based upon this technique. This machine can process 5g quantities of sample every 5 hours [Sutherland 1998]. To process 1 tonne of sample per year would require 200 Brunel CCCs, which is not practical as an industrial process. A practical alternative is to use one machine with 200 times the processing capability. To construct such a machine requires a greater understanding of the stationary phase retention inside a coil (column) and the column efficiency (mass transfer between the mobile and stationary phases). This thesis contains research into stationary phase retention. A hypothesis that all J-type centrifuges act as constant pressure drop pumps is proposed. This hypothesis combined with the Hagan-Poiseuille equation for laminar flow produces a theoretical basis for plotting the stationary phase retention against the square root of the mobile phase flow rate as proposed by Du et al [1999]. Supporting experimental evidence is presented showing that the mobile phase flows in a laminar manner and that the pressure drop across a coil is constant for a given set of operating conditions. It is shown that the pressure drop is the same in both normal and reverse phase modes if specific conditions are met. The pressure drop is shown to be independent of tubing bore for helical coils provided that the same helical pitch is used. The experimental results also show how the pressure drop varies with the phase system and rotational speed. Hopefully this is a significant advance in predicting the stationary phase retention of industrial scale J-type centrifuges.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University.
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