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Title: Beam dynamics in NF-FFAG EMMA with dynamical maps
Authors: Giboudot, Y
Nilavalan, R
Edgecock, R
Wolski, A
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IPAC'10/ACFA
Citation: In proceedings of the First International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC’10, Kyoto, Japan, 23-28 May 2010: 1856-1858, May 2010
Abstract: The Non-Scaling Fixed Field Alternating Gradient accelerator EMMA has a compact linear lattice, in which the effects of magnet fringe fields need to be modelled carefully. A numerical magnetic field map can be generated frommagnetmeasurements ormagnet design software. We have developed a technique that produces from the numerical field map, a dynamical map for a particle travelling in a full EMMA cell, for a given reference energy, without acceleration. Since the beam dynamics change with energy, a set of maps have been produced with various reference energies between 10MeV and 20MeV. For each reference energy, the simulated tune and time of flight have been compared with results in Zgoubi - tracking directly through numerical field map. The range of validity of a single map has been investigated by tracking particles with large energy deviation: the results can be used to implement a model of acceleration based on dynamical maps
Description: Copyright @ 2010 by IPAC'10/ACFA
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