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Title: A novel technique and soldering method to improve performance of transparent polymer antennas
Authors: Peter, T
Nilavalan, R
AbuTarboush, HF
Cheung, SW
Keywords: Polymer;Cold soldering;Transparent;UWB;Copper pads
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 9: 918-921, Sep 2010
Abstract: A novel technique and a non-thermal soldering method to improve the performance of AgHT-8 transparent polymer antennas are proposed in this paper. The proposed technique involves the removal of the coating layer at areas on the CPW ground and feed line where the connectors of the coaxial feed or legs of the SMA connectors will be attached, and applying a coat of silver paint on the exposed areas before cold soldering the coaxial connections or SMA connector legs. The non-thermal or cold soldering using electrically conductive paste enables direct soldering of the co-axial feed points or connector legs which cannot otherwise be done with hot or thermal soldering. This type of connection greatly enhances the performance of the AgHT-8 polymer antennas compared to coaxial feed point connections through hot soldered copper pads glued to the surface of the polymer coating. The proposed technique also gives a stronger connection bond than directly cold soldering the feed points or connectors to the smooth surface of the AgHT-8 material. Furthermore, the copper pad connection technique also introduces additional losses contributed by the adhesive properties of the glue used. This proposed novel technique and soldering method may be extended to enhance antenna performance made from other similar transparent conductive polymers like ITO
Description: This article is archived here with permission from IEEE - Copyright @ 2010 IEEE
ISSN: 1536-1225
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