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Title: Friends - of a kind: America and its allies in the Second World War
Authors: Folly, MH
Keywords: FDR and the Soviet Union: thePresident’s battles over foreign policy;Stalin’s Holy War: religion, nationalism and alliance politics,1941–1945;Allies in war: Britain and American against the axis powers 1940–1945;War summits: the meetings that shaped World War II and the postwar world
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Journal of American Studies, 40(3), 635-644, 2006
Abstract: The Second World War continues to be an attractive subject for scholars and evenmore so for those writing for a general readership. One of the more traditional areas of focus has been the ‘Big Three’ – the alliance of the United States with Britain and the Soviet Union. Public interest in the three leaders – Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin – remains high, and their decisions continue to resonate in the post-Cold War era, as demonstrated by continued (and often ahistorical) references to the decisions made at the Yalta Conference. Consequently, while other aspects of Second World War historiography have pushed into new avenues of exploration, that which has looked at the Grand Alliance has followed fairly conventional lines – the new Soviet bloc materials have been trawled to answer old questions and using the frames of reference that developed during the Cold War. This has left much to be said about the nature of the relationship of the United States with its great allies and the dynamics and processes of that alliance, and overlooked full and rounded analysis of the role of that alliance as the instrument of Axis defeat.
Description: Copyright @ 2006 Cambridge University Press
ISSN: 0021-8758
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