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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Feb-2016Can commitment devices boost self-monitoring on a weight loss website?Savani, M
23-Mar-2021Interdisciplinary Projects as an Expert-Network: Analysing Team Work Across Biological and Physical SciencesStephens, N; Stephens, P
Mar-2019The case for narrativeBeatty, A
12-Oct-2020Cellular agriculture in the UK: a reviewStephens, N; Ellis, M
19-Aug-2019Anger and AnthropologyBeatty, A
2019Affect: a wrong turn?Beatty, A
3-Sep-2020The need for transformative changes in the use of Indigenous knowledge along with science for environmental decision‐making in the ArcticWheeler, HC; Danielsen, F; Fidel, M; Hausner, V; Horstkotte, T; Johnson, N; Lee, O; Mukherjee, N; Amos, A; Ashthorn, H; Ballari, Ø; Behe, C; Breton‐Honeyman, K; Retter, G; Buschman, V; Jakobsen, P; Johnson, F; Lyberth, B; Parrott, JA; Pogodaev, M; Sulyandziga, R; Vronski, N
31-Jul-2017Policy windows for the environment: Tips for improving the uptake of scientific knowledgeRose, DC; Mukherjee, N; Simmons, BI; Tew, ER; Robertson, RJ; Vadrot, ABM; Doubleday, R; Sutherland, WJ
11-Jan-2021Fishers who rely on mangroves: Modelling and mapping the global intensity of mangrove-associated fisherieszu Ermgassen, PSE; Mukherjee, N; Worthington, TA; Acosta, A; Rocha Araujo, ARD; Beitl, CM; Castellanos-Galindo, GA; Cunha-Lignon, M; Dahdouh-Guebas, F; Diele, K; Parrett, CL; Dwyer, PG; Gair, JR; Johnson, AF; Kuguru, B; Savio Lobo, A; Loneragan, NR; Longley-Wood, K; Mendonça, JT; Meynecke, J-O; Mandal, RN; Munga, CN; Reguero, BG; Rönnbäck, P; Thorley, J; Wolff, M; Spalding, M
14-Aug-2020Reconciling nature, people and policy in the mangrove social-ecological system through the adaptive cycle heuristicDahdouh-Guebas, F; Hugé, J; Abuchahla, GMO; Cannicci, S; Jayatissa, LP; Kairo, JG; Kodikara Arachchilage, S; Koedam, N; Mafaziya Nijamdeen, TWGF; Mukherjee, N; Poti, M; Prabakaran, N; Ratsimbazafy, HA; Satyanarayana, B; Thavanayagam, M; Vande Velde, K; Wodehouse, D
2021Witnessing the UnseenChua, L
2021IntroductionChua, L; Grinberg, O
2021Spatiotemporal readiness is key to preparing regenerative medicine for the clinicStephens, N; Morrison, M; Martin, P; Hogle, L
26-Jan-2021(E)valuations of more-than-human careChua, L
29-Sep-2020‘The Special Service Squadron of the Royal Marines’: The Royal Navy and Organic Amphibious Warfare Capability before 1914Seligmann, M
2021Drinking and Dropping’: On Interacting with Plastic Pollution and Waste in South-Eastern NigeriaHenderson, L; Dumbili, E
2021Education, Aspiration and aage badhna: The Role of Schooling in Facilitating ‘Forward Movement’ in Rural Chhattisgarh, IndiaFroerer, P; Dost, A
2021Os Joelhos! Os Joelhos! Protective Embodiment and Occasional Injury in CapoeiraDelamont, S; Ribeiro Duarte, T; Lloyd, I; Stephens, N
16-Dec-2020Viral Devotionality and Christian Solidarity in/beyond BorneoChua, L
24-Dec-2020The Tasks of TranslatabilityThomas, P
2020Reflecting on 10 years of Maternal StudiesDe Benedictis, S
4-Dec-2020Educating 'surplus population': uses and abuses of aspiration in the rural peripheries of a globalising worldAnsell, N; Froerer, P; Huijsmans, R; Dungey, C; Dost, A; Piti
15-Dec-2020Suburban Verticalisation in London: Regeneration, Intra-urban Inequality, and Social HarmPeyrefitte, M
19-Nov-2020Introduction: Development, Young People, and the Social Production of AspirationsHuijsmans, R; Ansell, N; Froerer, P
17-Nov-2020Tropical peatlands and their conservation are important in the context of COVID-19 and potential future (zoonotic) disease pandemicsHarrison, ME; Wijedasa, LS; Cole, LES; Cheyne, SM; Choiruzzad, SAB; Chua, L; Dargie, GC; Ewango, CEN; Honorio Coronado, EN; Ifo, SA; Imron, MA; Kopansky, D; Lestarisa, T; O’Reilly, PJ; Van Offelen, J; Refisch, J; Roucoux, K; Sugardjito, J; Thornton, SA; Upton, C; Page, S
Jan-2020Colonial ResonancesSchubert, J
Apr-2020Durian diplomaciesChua, L
8-Oct-2013Beautiful face, beautiful place: relational geographies and gender in cosmetic surgery tourism websitesJones, M
2013Psychological AnthropologyBeatty, AW
14-Nov-2020Karl Polanyi, the New Deal, and the Green New DealDale, G
2020UK community radio production responses to COVID-19Coleman, J
13-May-2020A liberal higher education for all? The massification of higher education and its implications for graduates’ participation in civil societyEvans, C; Rees, G; Taylor, C; Fox, S
4-Jun-2020Policy Brief 3: The Digital Publics of #Schengen and #Eurozone During the Coronavirus CrisisOzduzen, O; Korkut, U; Foley, J
1-Jul-2020June Givanni’s Pan-African Cinema Archive: a diasporic feminist dwelling spaceJaganathan, A; Malik, S; Givanni, J
18-Jan-2019Spaces of hope in authoritarian Turkey: Istanbul's interconnected geographies of post-Occupy activismOzduzen, O
19-Aug-2019The US embassy-Hollywood complex: The Sony Pictures hack and 21st century media imperialismMoody, P
20-Oct-2016Are capitalism and democracy paradoxical?Dale, G
22-Sep-2017A comment on William Robinson’s “Global Capitalism: Reflections on a Brave New World”Dale, G; Wright, A
2017Jura communia as anima imperii: The symptomatic relationship between law and conflict in SpinozaDel Lucchese, F
24-Mar-2020Absolute ZeroDale, G
2020Digital traces of ‘Twitter revolutions’: Resistance, polarization and surveillance via contested images and texts of Occupy GeziOzduzen, O; McGarry, A
19-Nov-2019Tropical forest and peatland conservation in Indonesia: Challenges and directionsHarrison, ME; Ottay, JB; D’Arcy, LJ; Cheyne, SM; Anggodo; Belcher, C; Cole, L; Dohong, A; Ermiasi, Y; Feldpausch, T; Gallego‐Sala, A; Gunawan, A; Höing, A; Husson, SJ; Kulu, IP; Soebagio, SM; Mang, S; Mercado, L; Morrogh‐Bernard, HC; Page, SE; Priyanto, R; Ripoll Capilla, B; Rowland, L; Santos, EM; Schreer, V; Sudyana, IN; Taman, SBB; Thornton, SA; Upton, C; Wich, SA; Veen, FJF
3-Dec-2019The many meanings of organic farming: framing food security and food sovereignty in IndonesiaSchreer, V; Padmanabhan, M
2-Mar-2020Fear of a Yellow Planet: The Gilets Jaunes and the End of the WorldWilkin, P
17-Mar-2018Stateless but rooted: Resistance, land and landscape in the occupied Syrian Golan HeightsKastrinou, M; Emery, SB; Fakher Al-Deen, S
10-Jan-2019A Scientific Perspective on Microplastics in Nature and Society.SAPEA Working Group on Microplastics
12-Oct-2020Cellular agriculture in the UK: a reviewStephens, N; Ellis, M
4-Dec-2019Illuminating Lightscapes in London: Mapping Hegemonic Gentrification and Neon Signs in SohoPeyrefitte, M; Sanders-McDonagh, E
-‘Cinema as a Common Activity’: Film Audiences, Social Inclusion, and Heterogeneity in Istanbul during the Occupy GeziOzduzen, O
8-Jan-2019AnthropoceneChua, L; Fair, H
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 501