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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Ethical principles, social harm and the economic relations of research: negotiating ethics committee requirements and community expectations in ethnographic research in rural MalawiAnsell, N; Mwathunga, E; Hajdu, F; Robson, E; Hlabana, T; van Blerk, L; Hemsteede, R
10-Nov-2021From Nero to Net ZeroDale, G
31-Aug-2021Jet Zero and the politics of the technofixDale, G; Moos, J
30-Jun-2022Continued and intensified hostility: The problematisation of immigration in the UK government’s 2021 New Plan for ImmigrationGriffiths, C; Trebilcock, J
22-Feb-2021Student motivations for studying criminology: A narrative inquiryTrebilcock, J; Griffiths, C
24-Jun-2022Mapping research gaps for sustainable forest management based on the nominal group techniqueHugé, J; Satyanarayana, B; Mukherjee, N; Otero, V; Velde, KV; Dahdouh-Guebas, F
1-Jun-2022The right to say what we thinkPetley, J
10-May-2022Overcoming Barriers to Vaccination By Empowering Citizens to Make Deliberate ChoicesJohn, P; McAndrews, J; Loewen, PJ; Banerjee, S; Savani, M; Koenig, R; Nyhan, B; Lee-Whiting, B
3-May-2021Left out in the cold: The extreme unmet health and service needs of street sex workers in East London before and during the COVID-19 pandemic DoctorsStuart, R; Grenfell, P
26-Oct-2021Effect of police enforcement and extreme social inequalities on violence and mental health among women who sell sex: findings from a cohort study in London, UKElmes, J; Stuart, R; Grenfell, P; Walker, J; Hill, K; Hernandez, P; Henham, C; Rutsito, S; Sarker, MD; Creighton, S; Browne, C; Boily, M-C; Vickerman, P; Platt, L
15-May-2020Sex workers must not be forgotten in the COVID-19 responsePlatt, L; Elmes, J; Stevenson, L; Holt, V; Rolles, S; Stuart, R
6-Sep-2021Protesting populist knowledge practices: Collective effervescence at the March for Science LondonStephens, N; Vrikki, P; Riesch, H; Martin, O
20-Aug-2021The Belts are Set Out: The Batizado as a Symbolic Welcome to Capoeira CultureDelamont, S; Stephens, N
1-Mar-2022The truth about Meghan MarklePetley, J
25-Oct-2020Peace and War in Hawi al-HawaKastrinou, M; Khalaf, SN; Hayward, B
25-Jun-2021Celebrating the launch of Social Change in Syria: Family, Village and Political Party by Syrian anthropologist Sulayman KhalafKastrinou, M; Hinnebusch, R
1-Jul-2012Feral Parents: austerity parenting under neoliberalismDe Benedictis, S
1-Dec-2021Democratic Deficits and Underdevelopment in MozambiqueJatula, V; Conshello, S
Dec-2021Mark McKenna, Nasty Business: The Marketing and Distribution of the Video NastiesPetley, J
1-Jun-2016A revolution that changed nothingPetley, J
Jun-2021Tony Garnett, The Day the Music Died: A MemoirPetley, J
27-May-2021Cheap, but not freePetley, J
25-Feb-2021Why Ofcom must find its backboneBarnett, S; Petley, J
31-Mar-2022Making sense of sustainability: how institutional design can sustain informal savings and credit groupsTan, S; Savani, MM
2021The Arctic Convoys and the War Against HitlerFolly, M
2022Future Urban Imaginaries: placemaking and digital visualisationsDegen, M; Ward, I
12-May-2021‘Well grubbed, old mole!’: The press, the Institute of Economic Affairs and the propagation of neo-liberalism in the UKPetley, J
29-Jul-2022The Creation of the ABC Studio Orchestras, 1935-1945Morgan, K
28-Nov-2016Geographies of production III: Economic geographies of management and international businessJones, A
1-Mar-2019Navigating Bulkeley’s challenge on climate politics and human geographyJones, A
7-Jun-2021Capitalising on faith? An intergenerational study of social and religious capital among Baby Boomers and Millennials in BritainFox, S; Muddiman, E; Hampton, J; Kolpinskaya, E; Evans, C
3-Sep-2018The nexus of professional service practices in Chinese financial centresJones, A
8-Dec-2020The public university and the retreat from globalisation: An economic geography perspective on managing local-global tensions in international higher educationKnight, E; Jones, A; Gertler, MS
31-Dec-2021Divine powers and exchange with ‘others’ in MelanesiaHirsch, E
20-Dec-2019Press Ownership and Nigeria's DemocracyJatula, B
21-Dec-2021Evidenced-based approaches to support the development of endocrine-mediated Adverse Outcome Pathways: Challenges and OpportunitiesAudouze, K; Zgheib, E; Abass, K; Baig, A; Forner-Piquer, I; Holbech, H; Knapen, D; Leonards, PE; Lupu, DI; Palaniswamy, S; Rautio, A; Sapounidou, M; Martin, OV
8-Sep-2021Integrating repair into product design education: Insights on repair, design and sustainabilityTerzioğlu, N; Wever, R
29-Nov-2021HistoryHirsch, E
1-Jul-2021Compliance: Politics, Sociability and the Constitution of Collective LifeRollason, W; Hirsch, E
30-Oct-2021Canadian Multiculturalism and National Identity- A 50 year RelationshipUberoi, V
8-Nov-2021Unpacking the complexity of the UK plastic packaging value chain: A stakeholder perspectiveGerassimidou, S; Lovat, E; Ebner, N; You, W; Giakoumis, T; Martin, O; Iacovidou, E
29-Jul-2019‘Crocodiles in the Corridors’: Security Vetting, Race and Whitehall, 1945–1968Lomas, DWB
13-Jan-2021Party politics and intelligence: the Labour Party, British intelligence and oversight, 1979-1994Lomas, DWB
13-Aug-2019Facing the Dictators: Anthony Eden, the Foreign Office and British Intelligence, 1935–1945Lomas, DWB
2-Jul-2021#ForgetJamesBond: diversity, inclusion and the UK’s intelligence agenciesLomas, DWB
19-Jan-2020‘Hello, world’: GCHQ, Twitter and social media engagementMcLoughlin, L; Ward, S; Lomas, DWB
27-Jun-2021Writing and exhibiting a ‘live’ and convivial sociology: Portraiture and women’s lived experiences of a French suburbPeyrefitte, M
27-Sep-2021“A Moment of Science, Please”: Activism, Community, and Humor at the March for ScienceRiesch, H; Vrikki, P; Stephens, N; Lewis, J; Martin, O
24-Feb-2016Can commitment devices boost self-monitoring on a weight loss website?Savani, M
23-Mar-2021Interdisciplinary Projects as an Expert-Network: Analysing Team Work Across Biological and Physical SciencesStephens, N; Stephens, P
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 555