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Title: Impact of captions on deaf and hearing perception of multimedia video clips
Authors: Gulliver, SR
Ghinea, G
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Multimedia and Expo, 2002. ICME '02. Proceedings. 2002 IEEE International Conference on. 1(1): 753- 756, Nov 2002
Abstract: We investigate the impact of captions on deaf and hearing perception of multimedia video clips. We measure perception using a parameter called Quality of Perception (QoP), which encompasses not only a user's satisfaction with multimedia clips, but also his/her ability to perceive, synthesise and analyse the informational content of such presentations. By studying perceptual diversity, it is our aim to identify trends that will help future implementation of adaptive multimedia technologies. Results show that although hearing level has a significant affect on information assimilation, the effect of captions is not significant on the objective level of information assimilated. Deaf participants predict that captions significantly improve their level of information assimilation, although no significant objective improvement was measured. The level of enjoyment is unaffected by a participant’s level of hearing or use of captions.
ISBN: 0-7803-7304-9
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