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Title: Analytic mode-matching for acoustic scattering in three dimensional waveguides with flexible walls: Application to a triangular duct
Authors: Lawrie, JB
Keywords: Three dimensional duct;Flexible walls;Elastic plate;Triangular cross-section;Mode-matching;Acoustic propagation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Wave Motion, 50(3): 542–557, Apr 2013
Abstract: An analytic mode-matching method suitable for the solution of problems involving scattering in three-dimensional waveguides with flexible walls is presented. Prerequisite to the development of such methods is knowledge of closed form analytic expressions for the natural fluid–structure coupled waveforms that propagate in each duct section and the corresponding orthogonality relations. In this article recent theory [J.B. Lawrie, Orthogonality relations for fluid–structural waves in a 3-D rectangular duct with flexible walls, Proc. R. Soc. A. 465 (2009) 2347–2367] is extended to construct the non-separable eigenfunctions for acoustic propagation in a three-dimensional rectangular duct with four flexible walls. For the special case in which the duct cross-section is square, the symmetrical nature of the eigenfunctions enables the eigenmodes for a right-angled, isosceles triangular duct with flexible hypotenuse to be deduced. The partial orthogonality relation together with other important properties of the triangular modes are discussed. A mode-matching solution to the scattering of a fluid–structure coupled wave at the junction of two identical semi-infinite ducts of triangular cross-section is demonstrated for two different sets of “junction” conditions.
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ISSN: 0165-2125
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