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Title: Experimental and numerical investigations of the optical and thermal aspects of a PCM-glazed unit
Authors: Gowreesunker, BL
Stankovic, SB
Tassou, SA
Kyriacou, PA
Keywords: Phase change materials (PCM);Thermal properties;Optical properties;Phase change and radiation modelling;PCM-glass unit
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Energy and Buildings, 61: 239-249, Jun 2013
Abstract: This paper reports on the thermal and optical characterisation of PCM (Phase Change Material) RT27 using the T-history method and spectrophotometry principles, respectively, and the experimental and numerical performance evaluation of a PCM-Glazed unit. Various relationships describing the variations in the extinction, scattering and absorption coefficients within the phase change region were developed, and were validated in a numerical CFD model. The results show that: i) during rapid phase changes, the transmittance spectra from the PCM are unstable, while under stable conditions visible transmittance values of 90% and 40% are obtained for the liquid and phases, respectively; ii) the radiation scattering effects are dominant in the solid phase of the PCM, while radiation absorption dominates in the liquid phase; iii) the optical/radiation performance of PCM can be successfully modelled using the liquid fraction term as the main variable; iv) the addition of PCM improves the thermal mass of the unit during phase change, but risks of overheating may be a significant factor after the PCM has melted; v) although the day-lighting aspects of PCM-glazed units are favourable, the change in appearance as the PCM changes phase may be a limiting factor in PCM-glazed units.
Description: This is the post-print version of the Article. The official published version can be accessed from the link below - Copyright @ 2013 Elsevier.
ISSN: 0378-7788
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