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Title: Extending twin support vector machine classifier for multi-category classification problems
Authors: Xie, J
Hone, K
Xie, W
Gao, X
Shi, Y
Liu, X
Keywords: Twin support vector machines;Multicatigory data classification;Multicategory twin support machine classifiers;Support vector machines;Pattern recognition;Machine learning
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: IOS Press
Citation: Intelligent Data Analysis, 17(4), 649 - 664, 2013
Abstract: Twin support vector machine classifier (TWSVM) was proposed by Jayadeva et al., which was used for binary classification problems. TWSVM not only overcomes the difficulties in handling the problem of exemplar unbalance in binary classification problems, but also it is four times faster in training a classifier than classical support vector machines. This paper proposes one-versus-all twin support vector machine classifiers (OVA-TWSVM) for multi-category classification problems by utilizing the strengths of TWSVM. OVA-TWSVM extends TWSVM to solve k-category classification problems by developing k TWSVM where in the ith TWSVM, we only solve the Quadratic Programming Problems (QPPs) for the ith class, and get the ith nonparallel hyperplane corresponding to the ith class data. OVA-TWSVM uses the well known one-versus-all (OVA) approach to construct a corresponding twin support vector machine classifier. We analyze the efficiency of the OVA-TWSVM theoretically, and perform experiments to test its efficiency on both synthetic data sets and several benchmark data sets from the UCI machine learning repository. Both the theoretical analysis and experimental results demonstrate that OVA-TWSVM can outperform the traditional OVA-SVMs classifier. Further experimental comparisons with other multiclass classifiers demonstrated that comparable performance could be achieved.
Description: © 2013 – IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved
ISSN: 1088-467X
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