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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2020Association between ambient temperature and COVID-19 infection in 122 cities from ChinaXie, J; Zhu, Y
15-Apr-2020Association between short-term exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 infection: Evidence from ChinaZhu, Y; Xie, J; Huang, F; Cao, L
1-Jul-2021Compliance: Politics, Sociability and the Constitution of Collective LifeRollason, W; Hirsch, E
26-Nov-2021Sustainability in the Beer and Pub Industry During the COVID-19 Period: An Emerging New NormalSingh, P; Brown, DM; Chelekis, J; Apostolidis, C; Dey, BL
3-Jan-2022‘It’s possibly made us feel a little more alienated’: How people from ethnic minority communities conceptualise COVID-19 and its influence on engagement with testingVandrevala, T; Alidu, L; Hendy, J; Shafi, S; Ala, A
1-May-2021Post-Pandemic Sustainable Business SolutionKachela, K; Lodh, S; Nandy, M
1-Feb-2022Does macroprudential policy alleviate the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the resilience of banks?Igan, D; Mirzaei, A; Moore, T
14-Apr-2022Access to mathematics learning for lower secondary students in England during school closures: implications for equity and qualityTaylor, B; Hodgen, J; Jacques, L; Tereshchenko, A; Cockerill, M; Kwok, RKW
12-Apr-2022How are British small-medium businesses adjusting to COVID-19?Ghenita, M; El-Tawy, N
4-May-2022Re-imaging everyday routines and educational aspirations under COVID-19 lockdown: Narratives of urban middle-class children in Punjab, IndiaBarn, R; Sandhu, D; Mukherjee, U