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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The role of cultural values in understanding the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in NigeriaMordi, C; Simpson, R; Singh, S; Okafor, C
30-Apr-2021Exploring compassionate managerial leadership style in reducing employee stress level during COVID-19 crisis: the case of NigeriaOruh, ES; Mordi, C; Dibia, CH; Ajonbadi, H
9-Jul-2018Legitimisation Strategies and Managerial Capture: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Employment Relations in NigeriaOruh, ES; Nwagbara, U; Mordi, C; Mushfiqur, R
6-Jan-2020Investigating the relationship between managerialist employment relations and employee turnover intention: The case of NigeriaOruh, ES; Mordi, C; Ajonbadi, A; Mojeed-Sanni, B; Nwagbara, U; Rahman, M
5-Sep-2020Social dominance, hypermasculinity, and career barriers in NigeriaAjibade Adisa, T; Mordi, C; Simpson, R; Iwowo, V
11-Mar-2021Freedom and flexibility: the work–family balance of single female entrepreneurs in NigeriaAdisa, TA; Mordi, C; Akainji, B
2-Sep-2020High-Power Distance Culture & Challenges of Corporate Governance: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Nigeria’s ExperienceOruh, ES; Dibia, C; Mordi, C; Dirpal, G
23-Aug-2019In Search of Perfect Boundaries? Entrepreneurs’ Work-Life BalanceAdisa, TA; Gbadamosi, G; Mordi, T; Mordi, C
5-Jun-2023An Exploration of the Practices of Locational Flexibility in Developing Economies: Insights from the Nigerian Higher Education SectorMordi, C; Ajonbadi, HA; Adekoya, OD; Oruh, ES
2-Jun-2023Employment Discrimination against Indigenous People with Tribal Marks in Nigeria: The Painful Face of StigmaAdisa, TA; Mordi, C; Timming, AR