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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2019Presence and distribution of progerin in HGPS cells is ameliorated by drugs that impact on the mevalonate and mTOR pathwaysClements, C; Bikkul, M; Ofosu, W; Eskiw, C; Tree, D; Makarov, E; Kill, I; Bridger, JM
16-May-2017Whole genome analysis of a schistosomiasis-transmitting freshwater snailBridger, JM; Arican-Goktas, HD; Jobling, S; Adema, CM; Hillier, LW; Jones, CS; Loker, ES; Knight, M; Minx, P; Oliveira, G; Raghavan, N; Shedlock, A; Rodrigues do Amaral, L; Assis, JG
25-Apr-2019Deletions of Chromosome 7q Affect Nuclear Organization and HLXB9 Gene Expression in Hematological DisordersFederico, C; Owoka, T; Ragusa, D; Sturiale, V; Caponnetto, D; Leotta, CG; Bruno, F; Foster, HA; Rigamonti, S; Giudici, G; Cazzaniga, G; Bridger, JM; Sisu, C; Saccone, S; Tosi, M
15-Jun-2018Farnesyltransferase inhibitor and rapamycin correct aberrant genome organisation and decrease DNA damage respectively, in Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome fibroblastsBridger, JM
1-Jul-2020The Nuclear Lamina: Protein Accumulation, Disease and ClearanceAlmendáriz-Palacios, C; Gillespie, ZE; Janzen, M; Martinez, V; Bridger, JM; Harkness, TAA; Mousseau , DD; Eskiw, CH