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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012MRE11 facilitates the removal of human topoisomerase II complexes from genomic DNALee, KC; Padget, K; Curtis, H; Cowell, IG; Moiani, D; Sondka, Z; Morris, NJ; Jackson, GH; Cockell, SJ; Tainer, JA; Austin, CA
2013“I know how to look after myself a lot better now”: Service user perspectives on mental health in-patient rehabilitation.Notley, J; Pell, H; Bryant, W; Grove, M; Croucher, A; Cordingley, K; Blank, A
24-Nov-2016Physiological markers of exercise capacity and lung disease severity in cystic fibrosisSmith, L; Reilly, CC; MacBean, V; Jolley, CJ; Elston, C; Moxham, J; Rafferty, GF
2018The integration of explicit contextual priors and visual information during action anticipation in soccerGredin, Nils Viktor
26-Oct-2016Measurement of neural respiratory drive via parasternal intercostal electromyography in healthy adult subjectsMacBean, V; Hughes, C; Nicol, G; Reilly, CC; Rafferty, GF
14-Feb-2017Parasternal intercostal muscle activity during methacholine-induced bronchoconstrictionMacBean, V; Pringle, CL; Lunt, AC; Sharp, KD; Ali, A; Greenough, A; Moxham, J; Rafferty, GF
Aug-2018Screening women aged 65 years or over for abdominal aortic aneurysm: a modelling study and health economic evaluationThompson, SG; Bown, MJ; Glover, MJ; Jones, E; Masconi, KL; Michaels, JA; Powell, JT; Ulug, P; Sweeting, MJ
5-Oct-2018Outcomes for the First Year of Ontario's Birth Center Demonstration ProjectSprague, AE; Sidney, D; Darling, EK; Van Wagner, V; Soderstrom, B; Rogers, J; Graves, E; Coyle, D; Sumner, A; Holmberg, V; Khan, B; Walker, MC
21-Aug-2018N-Step MPC for Systems With Persistent Bounded Disturbances Under SCPSong, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Wei, G
2-Sep-2018The Psychometric Properties of a Self-Administered, Open-Source Module for Valuing Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression Utilities.Pahuta, M; Frombach, A; Hashem, E; Spence, S; Sun, C; Wai, EK; Werier, J; van Walraven, C; Coyle, D