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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Multiple Measures of Adiposity Are Associated with Mean Leukocyte Telomere Length in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966Buxton, JL; Das, S; Rodriguez, A; Kaakinen, M; Alves, AC; Sebert, S; Millwood, IY; Laitinen, J; O'Reilly, PF; Jarvelin, M-R; Blakemore, AIF
2014Comparative analysis of the transcriptome across distant speciesGerstein, MB; Rozowsky, J; Yan, K-K; Wang, D; Cheng, C; Brown, JB; Davis, CA; Hillier, L; Sisu, C; Li, JJ; Pei, B; Harmanci, AO; Duff, MO; Djebali, S; Alexander, RP; Alver, BH; Auerbach, R; Bell, K; Bickel, PJ; Boeck, ME; Boley, NP; Booth, BW; Cherbas, L; Cherbas, P; Di, C; Dobins, A; Drenkows, J; Ewing, B; Fang, G; Fastucas, M; Feingold, EA; Frankish, A; Gao, G; Good, PJ; Guigo, R; Hammonds, A; Harrow, J; Hoskins, RA; Howald, C; Hu, L; Huang, H; Hubbard, TJP; Huynh, C; Jhas, S; Kasper, D; Kato, M; Kaufman, TC; Kitchen, RR; Ladewig, E; Lagarde, J; Lai, E; Leng, L; Lu, Z; MacCoss, M; May, G; McWhirter, R; Merrihew, G; Miller, DM; Mortazavi, A; Murad, R; Oliver, B; Olson, S; Park, PJ; Pazin, MJ; Perrimon, N; Pervouchine, D; Reinke, V; Reymond, A; Robinson, G; Samsonova, A; Saunders, GI; Schlesingers, F; Sethi, A; Slack, FJ; Spencer, WC; Stoiber, MH; Strasbourger, P; Tanzer, A; Thompson, OA; Wan, KH; Wang, G; Wang, H; Watkins, KL; Wen, J; Wen, K; Xue, C; Yang, L; Yip, K; Zaleskis, C; Zhang, Y; Zheng, H; Brenner, SE; Graveley, BR; Ceniker, SE; Gingeras, TR; Waterston, R
2014Human leukocyte telomere length is associated with DNA methylation levels in multiple subtelomeric and imprinted lociBuxton, JL; Suderman, M; Pappas, JJ; Borghol, N; McArdle, W; Blakemore, AIF; Hertzman, C; Power, C; Szyf, M; Pembrey, M
2014Impaired Postural Control Reduces Sit-to-Stand-to-Sit Performance in Individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseJanssens, L; Brumagne, S; McConnell, AK; Claeys, K; Pijnenburg, M; Goossens, N; Burtin, C; Janssens, W; Decramer, M; Troosters, T