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Title: Comparative analysis of the transcriptome across distant species
Authors: Gerstein, MB
Rozowsky, J
Yan, K-K
Wang, D
Cheng, C
Brown, JB
Davis, CA
Hillier, L
Sisu, C
Li, JJ
Pei, B
Harmanci, AO
Duff, MO
Djebali, S
Alexander, RP
Alver, BH
Auerbach, R
Bell, K
Bickel, PJ
Boeck, ME
Boley, NP
Booth, BW
Cherbas, L
Cherbas, P
Di, C
Dobins, A
Drenkows, J
Ewing, B
Fang, G
Fastucas, M
Feingold, EA
Frankish, A
Gao, G
Good, PJ
Guigo, R
Hammonds, A
Harrow, J
Hoskins, RA
Howald, C
Hu, L
Huang, H
Hubbard, TJP
Huynh, C
Jhas, S
Kasper, D
Kato, M
Kaufman, TC
Kitchen, RR
Ladewig, E
Lagarde, J
Lai, E
Leng, L
Lu, Z
MacCoss, M
May, G
McWhirter, R
Merrihew, G
Miller, DM
Mortazavi, A
Murad, R
Oliver, B
Olson, S
Park, PJ
Pazin, MJ
Perrimon, N
Pervouchine, D
Reinke, V
Reymond, A
Robinson, G
Samsonova, A
Saunders, GI
Schlesingers, F
Sethi, A
Slack, FJ
Spencer, WC
Stoiber, MH
Strasbourger, P
Tanzer, A
Thompson, OA
Wan, KH
Wang, G
Wang, H
Watkins, KL
Wen, J
Wen, K
Xue, C
Yang, L
Yip, K
Zaleskis, C
Zhang, Y
Zheng, H
Brenner, SE
Graveley, BR
Ceniker, SE
Gingeras, TR
Waterston, R
Keywords: Science & Technology;Multidisciplinary Sciences;Science & Technology - Other Topics;MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES;GENE-EXPRESSION;LANDSCAPE;EVOLUTION;TISSUES;GENOME;CELLS
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: NATURE, 2014, 512 (7515), pp. 445 - + (13)
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