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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Moralizing gods, impartiality and religious parochialism across 15 societiesLang, M; Purzycki, BG; Apicella, CL; Atkinson, QD; Bolyanatz, A; Cohen, E; Handley, C; Kundtová Klocová, E; Lesorogol, C; Mathew, S; McNamara, RA; Moya, C; Placek, CD; Soler, M; Vardy, T; Weigel, JL; Willard, AK; Xygalatas, D; Norenzayan, A; Henrich, J
2019Aversive medical treatments as a signal of need for support: a mathematical modelde Barra, M; Cownden, D; Jansson, F
7-Apr-2019The role of microbiota and inflammation in self-judgement and empathy: implications for understanding the brain-gut-microbiome axis in depression.Heym, N; Heasman, BC; Hunter, K; Blanco, SR; Wang, GY; Siegert, R; Cleare, A; Gibson, GR; Kumari, V; Sumich, AL
2019Deletions of Chromosome 7q Affect Nuclear Organization and HLXB9 Gene Expression in Hematological DisordersFederico, C; Owoka, T; Ragusa, D; Sturiale, V; Caponnetto, D; Leotta, CG; Bruno, F; Foster, HA; Rigamonti, S; Giudici, G; Cazzaniga, G; Bridger, JM; Sisu, C; Saccone, S; Tosi, M
2019Is the complement protein C1q a pro- or anti-tumorigenic factor? Bioinformatics analysis involving human carcinomasMangogna, A; Agostinis, C; Bonazza, D; Belmonte, B; Zacchi, P; Zito, G; Romano, A; Zanconati, F; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
19-Feb-2019The role of mitochondrial labile iron in Friedreich's ataxia skin fibroblasts sensitivity to ultraviolet AReelfs, O; Abbate, V; Cilibrizzi, A; Pook, MA; Hider, RC; Pourzand, C
20-Mar-2019Gender Differences in PolychronicitySzameitat, AJ; Hayati, M
2019Surfactant Protein D Reverses the Gene Signature of Transepithelial HIV-1 Passage and Restricts the Viral Transfer Across the Vaginal BarrierPandit, H; Kale, K; Yamamoto, H; Thakur, G; Rokade, S; Chakraborty, P; Vasudevan, M; Kishore, U; Madan, T; Fichorova, R
18-May-2019Cyclic di‐GMP inactivates T6SS and T4SS activity in Agrobacterium tumefaciensMcCarthy, R; Filloux, A; Yu, M; Eilers, K; Wang, Y-C; Lai, E-M
30-May-2019Visual responsiveness in sensorimotor cortex is increased following amputation and reduced after mirror therapyChan, A