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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2019A new fault detection system using wireless communication - assisted with analog relays for grid electrical lamp pole networkSingh, RSS; Chiew, WY; Singh, BSS; Abbod, M
25-Sep-2018Towards a reference ontology on mulsemedia systemsSaleme, EB; Santos, CAS; Falbo, RA; Ghinea, G; Andres, F
2018Nanodiamonds for device applications: An investigation of the properties of boron-doped detonation nanodiamondsHowkins, A; Boyd, IW; Jackman, RB
25-Sep-2018A study on the quality of experience of crossmodal mulsemediaCovaci, A; Kani-Zabihi, E; Mesfin, G; Andres, F; Hussain, N; Ghinea, G
25-Sep-2018Towards a semantic-based content management system for journalistic writingDe Deus, VS; Victorino, M; Ishikawa, E; Neto, BM; Ghinea, G; Oliveira, EC; Groenli, TM
11-Oct-2018Towards Team Formation Using Belbin Role Types and a Social Networks Analysis ApproachFlores-Parra, JM; Castafon-Puga, M; Evans, RD; Rosales-Cisneros, R; Gaxiola-Pacheco, C
25-Sep-2018UnBGOLD: UnB government open linked dataMartins, LCB; Victorino, MC; Holanda, M; Ghinea, G; Grønli, TM
16-Mar-2018Investigation of Passive Porosity as a Means for Bluff-Body Drag ReductionGatto, A; Babinsky, H
6-Dec-2016An explicit solution for optimal investment in Heston modelBoguslavskaya, E; Muravey, D
28-Jun-2018Improved Defect Control and Mechanical Property Variation in High-Pressure Die Casting of A380 Alloy by High Shear Melt ConditioningZhang, Y; Patel, JB; Lazaro-Nebreda, J; Fan, Z