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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2020Determining the Topic Evolution and Sentiment Polarity for Albinism in a Chinese Online Health Community: Machine Learning and Social Network AnalysisBi, Q; Shen, L; Evans, R; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Dai, W; Liu, C
22-Feb-2020A systematic review of unsupervised learning techniques for software defect predictionLi, N; Shepperd, M; Guo, Y
Jun-2020Detecting Java Software Similarities by using Different Clustering TechniquesCapiluppi, A; Di Ruscio, D; Di Rocco, J; Nguyen, PT; Ajienka, N
2021A Machine Learning Approach for Micro-Credit ScoringDate, P; Ampountolas, A; Constantinescu, C; Nyarko Nde, T
Aug-2020Design of a flexible, user friendly feature matrix generation system and its application on biomedical datasetsGhorbani, M; Swift, S; Taylor, SJE; Payne, AM
3-Feb-2021Industry 4.0: Why Machine Learning Matters?Gan, TH; Kanfoud, J; Nedunuri, H; Amini, A; Feng, G
16-Oct-2021Electrical Impedance Guides Electrode Array in Cochlear Implantation using Machine Learning and Robotic FeederHafeez, N; Du, X; Boulgouris, N; Begg, P; Irving, R; Coulson, C; Tourrel, G
5-Oct-2021Artificial intelligence in the construction industry: A review of present status, opportunities and future challengesAbioye, SO; Oyedele, LO; Akanbi, L; Ajayi, A; Davila Delgado, JM; Bilal, M; Akinade, OO; Ahmed, A
15-Apr-2020Recognition of Holoscopic 3D Video Hand Gesture Using Convolutional Neural NetworksAlnaim, N; Abbod, M; Swash, R
13-Jan-2022Harnessing Large-Scale Herbarium Image Datasets Through Representation LearningWalker, BE; Tucker, A; Nicolson, N