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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Smart windows: Thermal modelling and evaluationSabry, M; Eames, PC; Singh, H; Wu, Y
2018Numerical and experimental investigation of a multi-pass heat-pipe-based heat exchangerMroue, Hassan
18-Mar-2019Numerical investigation into the product's weight loss and display shelf life inside the serve-over cabinetHadawey, A; Tassou, S; Haddowe, S; Sundararajan, R
18-Mar-2019Experimental and CFD investigation of overall heat transfer coefficient of finned tube CO <inf>2</inf> gas coolersSantosa, IMC; Tsamos, KM; Gowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA
18-Mar-2019Energy savings potential in using cold-shelves innovation for multi-deck open front refrigerated cabinetsTsamos, KM; Mroue, H; Sun, J; Tassou, SA; Nicholls, N; Smith, G
4-Nov-2016Computational investigation into the influence of yaw on the aerodynamics of an isolated wheel in free airKothalawala, TD; Gatto, A
12-Jul-2019CFD Modeling to Predict Mass Transfer in Multicomponent MixturesLavasani, MS; Rahimi, R; Zivdar, M; Kalbassi, M
8-Aug-2019Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Gas-Solid Hydrodynamics in a Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Reactor: Effects of Air Distributor, Viscous and Drag ModelsKhezri, R; Wan Ab Karim Ghani, WA; Masoudi Soltani, S; Awang Biak, DR; Yunus, R; Silas, K; Shahbaz, M; Rezaei Motlagh, S
28-Mar-2017Analysis of the effect of intake plenum design on the scavenging process in a 2-Stroke Boosted Uniflow Scavenged Direct Injection Gasoline (BUSDIG) EngineZhao, H; Ma, J; Wang, X
2016The novel use of phase change materials in an open type refrigerated display cabinet: A theoretical investigationAlzuwaid, FA; Ge, YT; Tassou, SA; Sun, J