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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A review of the water and energy sectors and the use of a nexus approach in Abu DhabiPaul, P; Kulaib Al Tenaiji, A; Braimah, N
2016Variable geometry turbine design for off-highway vehicle organic rankine cycle waste heat recoveryKarvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Alshammari, F; Pesiridis, A; Franchetti, B; Pesmazoglou, I; Tocci, L
2016Cool and green roofs for storage buildings in various climatesKolokotroni, M; Wines, C; Babiker, RMA; Da Silva, BH
2016Sensitivity of aerofoil self noise reductions to serration flap anglesVathylakis, A; Chong, TP; Paruchuri, C; Joseph, PF
2016Digital Evaluation of Sitting Posture Comfort in Human-vehicle System under Industry 4.0 FrameworkTao, Q; Kang, J; Sun, W; Li, Z; Huo, X
2016Flexural behaviour of hot-finished high strength steel square and rectangular hollow sectionsWang, J; Afshan, S; Gkantou, M; Theofanous, M; Baniotopoulos, C; Gardner, L
2016Numerical modelling of the effect of using multi-explosives on the explosive forming of steel conesDe Vuyst, T; Kong, K; Djordjevic, N; Vignjevic, R; Campbell, JC; Hughes, K
2016A.C.Electroluminescent Lamps: Shedding some light on their mysteriesHarris, PG; den Engelsen, D; Fern, G; Silver, J
2016A front-end lumped-parameter approach to planning physical Robust Engineering Design experiments on manufactured dynamic devicesAtherton, M
2016A Framework of E-Health Systems Adoption and Telemedicine Readiness in Developing CountriesAbdullrahim, A; De Coster, R