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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2017Finite Element Analysis of Crack Growth for Structural Health Monitoring of Mooring Chains using Guided Waves and Acoustic EmissionAngulo, A; Allwright, J; Mares, C; Gan, T-H; Soua, S
2018Flexural behavior of steel deep beams prestressed with externally unbonded straight multi-tendonsYang, R; Wang, Y; Wang, B; Ban, H; Song, J; Su, G
2018In Situ Measurements of the Release Characteristics and Catalytic Effects of Different Chemical Forms of Sodium during Combustion of Zhundong CoalLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Wan, K; Lv, Y; Xia, J; He, Y; Cen, K
2016Classifying emerging knowledge sharing practices and some insights into antecedents to social networking: a case in insuranceGrant, S
15-Oct-2018Processing, structure and thermal conductivity correlation in carbon fibre reinforced aluminium metal matrix compositesMiranda, AT; Bolzoni, L; Barekar, N; Huang, Y; Shin, J; Ko, SH; McKay, BJ
2018Newly Synthesised Gadolinium bis-Phthalocyanine Sandwich Complex: Ambipolar Organic SemiconductorBarard, S; Kreouzis, T; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Ray, AK
2019A numerical study on the influence of internal corrugated reinforcements on the biaxial bending collapse of thin-walled beamsVignjevic, R; Liang, C; Hughes, K; Brown, J; De Vuyst, T; Djordjevic, N; Campbell, J
2019Integration of Anhydrous Sodium Acetate (ASAc) into Concrete Pavement for Protection Against Harmful Impact of De-icing SaltRahman, M; Al-Kheetan, MJ
18-Apr-2017Static recrystallization behaviour of cold rolled Mg-Zn-Y alloy and role of solute segregation in microstructure evolutionKim, YM; Mendis, C; Sasaski, T; Letzig, D; Pyczak, F; Hono, K; Yi, S
31-Jul-2019Boundary-layer transition over a rotating broad coneLingwood, RJ; Kato, K; Alfredsson, PH