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Title: Condensation flow patterns and heat transfer in horizontal microchannels
Authors: Al-Zaidi, AH
Mahmoud, MM
Karayiannis, T
Keywords: condensation;heat transfer;flow patterns;microchannel;correlations
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2017
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Al-Zaidi, A.H., Mahmoud, M.M. and Karayiannis, T.G. (2018) 'Condensation flow patterns and heat transfer in horizontal microchannels', Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 90, pp. 153 - 173. doi:
Abstract: © 2017 The Author(s). An experimental investigation was carried out to study the effect of refrigerant mass flux, local vapour quality, coolant flow rate and inlet coolant temperature on the local condensation heat transfer coefficient. Flow visualization was also conducted to capture flow patterns during flow condensation using a high-speed camera integrated with a microscope. HFE-7100, a dielectric and eco-friendly refrigerant was used in rectangular multi-microchannels with a hydraulic diameter of 0.57 mm. Experiments were performed at a saturation temperature of 60 °C, mass flux range 48–126 kg/(m2 s), coolant flow rate range 0.5–1.1 L/min and inlet coolant temperature range 20–40 °C. The results showed that the local condensation heat transfer coefficient increases with increasing mass flux and decreases with decreasing local vapour quality. A negligible effect of the coolant side conditions, saturation-to-wall temperature difference, on the local condensation heat transfer coefficient was found. The main flow regime was annular flow, while slug and bubbly flow were found at some operating conditions. The experimental results were compared with the existing correlations for heat transfer rates. Also, two existing flow pattern maps, for conventional and mini/microchannels, were used to compare the current flow pattern results.
ISSN: 0894-1777
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