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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Structural response and continuous strength method design of slender stainless steel cross-sectionsZhao, O; Afshan, S; Gardner, L
2019Velocity profile development and friction in compressible micro flowsKarayiannis, T; Cavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA
7-Oct-2019Pathways to circular construction: An integrated management of construction and demolition waste for resource recoveryGhaffar, SH; Burman, M; Braimah, N
2016The novel use of phase change materials in an open type refrigerated display cabinet: A theoretical investigationAlzuwaid, FA; Ge, YT; Tassou, SA; Sun, J
2017The plastic behavior of sandwich beams with core gradationJiang, WZ; Liu, Y; Wang, B
4-Jan-2019Compressible Fanno flows in microchannels: an enhanced quasi-2D numerical model for turbulent flowsKarayiannis, T; Cavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA
29-Dec-2016Polydopamine-Inspired, Dual Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Efficient Overall Water SplittingQu, K; Zheng, Y; Jiao, Y; Zhang, X; Dai, S; Qiao, S-Z
2017Volcanism, redox conditions, and microbialite growth linked with the end-Permian mass extinction: Evidence from the Xiajiacao section (western Hubei Province), South ChinaChen, ZQ; Fang, Y; Kershaw, S; Wu, S; Luo, M
10-Oct-2019Towards Whole Placenta Segmentation At Late Gestation Using Multi-View Ultrasound ImagesZimmera, VA; Gomeza, A; Skeltona, E; Toussainta, N; Zhanga, T; Khanala, B; Wrighta, R; Noh, Y; Ho, A; Matthewa, J; Hajnala, JV; Schnabela, JA
13-Apr-2018A survey on smart automated computer-aided process planning (ACAPP) techniquesAl-wswasi, M; Ivanov, A; Makatsoris, H