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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2018User Centred Design of Social Signals Feedback for Communication Skills TrainingPereira, M; Colecchia, F; Hone, K
27-Apr-2015Towards an Automation of the Traceability of Bugs from Development LogsAuwal Romo, B; Capiluppi, A
19-Dec-20195MART: A 5G SMART Scheduling Framework for Optimizing QoS through Reinforcement LearningComsa, IS; Trestian, R; Muntean, GM; Ghinea, G
13-Sep-2019How Do We Experience Crossmodal Correspondent Mulsemedia Content?Covaci, A; Saleme, EB; Mesfin, G; Hussain, N; Kani-Zabihi, E; Ghinea, G
16-Aug-2019Closed-loop cycles of experiment design, execution, and learning accelerate systems biology model development in yeastCoutant, A; Roper, K; Trejo-Banos, D; Bouthinon, D; Carpenter, M; Grzebyta, J; Santini, G; Soldano, H; Elati, M; Ramon, J; Rouveirol, C; Soldatova, LN; King, RD
17-Aug-2017Mobile three-dimensional visualisation technologies for clinician-led fall prevention assessmentsHamm, J; Money, AG; Atwal, A; Ghinea, G