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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Foveated real-time ray tracing for head-mounted displaysWeier, M; Roth, T; Kruijff, E; Hinkenjann, A; Pérard-Gayot, A; Slusallek, P; Li, Y
14-May-2019An application of generalised simulated annealing towards the simultaneous modelling and clustering of glaucomaJilani, MZMB; Tucker, A; Swift, SM
2017Distributed recursive filtering for stochastic systems under uniform quantizations and deception attacks through sensor networksDing, D; Wang, Z; Ho, DWC; Wei, G
16-Oct-2019Retinal Layer Segmentation in Optical Coherence Tomography ImagesDodo, BI; Li, Y; Kaba, D; Liu, X
6-Mar-2017Event-Based Variance-Constrained H<inf>∞</inf>Filtering for Stochastic Parameter Systems over Sensor Networks with Successive Missing MeasurementsWang, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Wei, G
18-Jul-2019A Novel Sigmoid-Function-Based Adaptive Weighted Particle Swarm OptimizerLiu, W; Wang, Z; Yuan, Y; Zeng, N; Hone, K; Liu, X
18-May-2019ISPH–PBD: coupled simulation of incompressible fluids and deformable bodiesAbu Rumman, N; Nair, P; Müller, P; Barthe, L; Vanderhaeghe, D
18-Jul-2016Software development: do good manners matter?Destefanis, G; Ortu, M; Counsell, S; Swift, S; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R
12-Apr-2018Optimised lambda architecture for monitoring scientific infrastructureSuthakar, U; Magnoni, L; Smith, DR; Khan, A
17-Jun-2015Software development practices in academia: a case study comparisonGroen, D; Guo, X; Grogan, JA; Schiller, UD; Osborne, JM