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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2017Potential for Energy Production from Farm Wastes Using Anaerobic Digestion in the UK: An Economic Comparison of Different Size PlantsOreggioni, G; Gowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA; Bianchi, G; Reilly, M; Kirby, ME; Toop, TA; Theodorou, MK
8-Feb-2019A comparison and evaluation of variants in the coupling between objects metricChild, M; Rosner, P; Counsell, S
26-Aug-2019MOEA/D-Based Probabilistic PBI Approach for Risk-Based Optimal Operation of Hybrid Energy System with Intermittent Power UncertaintyZhang, H; Yue, D; Yue, W; Li, K; Yin, M
17-Oct-2019On the Relationship Between Coupling and Refactoring: An Empirical ViewpointCounsell, S; Arzoky, M; Destefanis, G; Taibi, D
18-Feb-2019Mastering the scales: A survey on the benefits of multiscale computing softwareGroen, D; Knap, J; Neumann, P; Suleimenova, D; Veen, L; Leiter, K
21-Aug-2018N-Step MPC for Systems With Persistent Bounded Disturbances Under SCPSong, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Wei, G
3-Aug-2013Process of designing robust, dependable, safe and secure software for medical devices: Point of care testing device as a case studyTulasidas, S; Mackay, R; Craw, P; Hudson, C; Gkatzidou, V; Balachandran, W
5-Dec-2019Observer-Based PID Security Control for Discrete Time-Delay Systems under Cyber-AttacksZhao, D; Wang, Z; Ho, DWC; Wei, G
6-Jun-2019Moving Horizon Estimation of Networked Nonlinear Systems with Random Access ProtocolZou, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Zhou, D
29-Sep-2014Video summarization by group scoringDarabi, K; Ghinea, G