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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020FACS: A geospatial agent-based simulator for analyzing COVID-19 spread and public health measures on local regionsMahmood, I; Arabnejad, H; Suleimenova, D; Sassoon, I; Marshan, A; Serrano, A; Louvieris, P; Anagnostou, A; Taylor, S; Bell, D; Groen, D
16-Jul-2020Informal mobile phone use by marginalised groups in a plural health system to bridge healthcare gaps in Sierra LeoneSam, S
13-Jul-2020Structure-based enzyme engineering improves donor-substrate recognition of Arabidopsis thaliana GlycosyltransferasesAkere, A; Chen, SH; Liu, X; Chen, Y; Dantu, SC; Pandini, A; Bhowmik, D; Haider, S
25-Jul-2020Ultimately Bounded Filtering for Time-Delayed Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Uniform Quantizations under Random Access ProtocolGuo, J; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Zhao, Z
27-Jul-2020Blockchain Application for Central Banks: A Systematic Mapping StudyCounsell, S; Dashkevich, N; Destefanis, G
15-Jul-2020Using topological data analysis and pseudo time series to infer temporal phenotypes from electronic health recordsDagliati, A; Geifman, N; Peek, N; Holmes, JH; Sacchi, L; Bellazzi, R; Sajjadi, SE; Tucker, A
17-Apr-2020Using the Lexicon from Source Code to Determine Application DomainsCapiluppi, A; Ajienka, N; Ali, N; Arzoky, M; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G; Miron, A; Nagaria, B; Neykova, R; Shepperd, M; Swift, S; Tucker, A
10-Dec-2020Modeling, simulation and forecasting of wind power plants using agent-based approachMahmood, I; Mobeen, M; Rahman, AU; Younis, S; Malik, AW; Fraz, MM; Ullah, K
Nov-2020Changing the logic of replication: A case from infant studiesMargoni, F; Shepperd, M
1-Aug-2020Culture versus Policy: More Global Collaboration to Effectively Combat COVID-19Li, J; Guo, K; Viedma, EH; Lee, H; Liu, J; Zhong, N; Autran Monteiro Gomes, LF; Filip, FG; Fang, S-C; Ă–zdemir, MS; Liu, X; Lu, G; Shi, Y