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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2021Communication-protocol-based analysis and synthesis of networked systems: progress, prospects and challengesZou, L; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Liu, Y; Liu, X
24-May-2022Chatbots to Support Young Adults' Mental Health: an Exploratory Study of AcceptabilityKoulouri, T; Macredie, RD; Olakitan, D
29-Sep-2021Predication of communication effectiveness during media skills training using commercial automatic nonverbal recognition systemsPereira, M; Meng, H; Hone, K
29-Aug-2022CALMS: Modelling the long-term health and economic impact of Covid-19 using agent-based simulationMintram, K; Anagnostou, A; Anokye, N; Okine, E; Groen, D; Saha, A; Abubakar, N; Islam, T; Daroge, H; Ghorbani, M; Xue, Y; Taylor, SJE
9-Feb-2022Celebrating the 10<sup>th</sup> simulation workshop: The story of the conference seriesRobinson, S; Taylor, SJE
8-Jun-2022Implementing a new platform to test empathy in toddlers with wearable fNIRS in freely moving set-upBulgarelli, C; Pinti, P; Aburumman, N; Gosse, L; Tucker, L; Smith, T; Mareschal, D; Tachtsidis, I; Elwell, CE; Jones, E
16-Oct-2020Knowledge-driven deep neural network models for brain tumour segmentationColecchia, F; Ruffle, J; Pombo, G; Gray, R; Hyare, H; Nachev, P
6-Sep-2022Back to the Control Room: Managing Artistic WorkReeves, S; Greiffenhagen, C; Perry, M