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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-2018A study on the quality of experience of crossmodal mulsemediaCovaci, A; Kani-Zabihi, E; Mesfin, G; Andres, F; Hussain, N; Ghinea, G
25-Sep-2018Towards a semantic-based content management system for journalistic writingDe Deus, VS; Victorino, M; Ishikawa, E; Neto, BM; Ghinea, G; Oliveira, EC; Groenli, TM
25-Sep-2018UnBGOLD: UnB government open linked dataMartins, LCB; Victorino, MC; Holanda, M; Ghinea, G; Grønli, TM
13-Nov-2017Predicting Comorbidities Using Resampling and Dynamic Bayesian Networks with Latent VariablesYousefi, L; Saachi, L; Bellazzi, R; Chiovato, L; Tucker, A
15-Dec-2014Beyond the User Preferences: Aligning the Prototype Design to the Users' ExpectationsBorsci, S; Kuljis, J; Barnett, J; Pecchia, L
Sep-2017A tutorial for olfaction-based multisensorial media application design and evaluationMurray, N; Ademoye, OA; Ghinea, G; Muntean, GM
2-May-2019Mid-Air Haptic Interfaces for Interactive Digital Signage and KiosksGeorgiou, O; Limerick, H; Corenthy, L; Maksymenko, M; Frish, S; Kim, JR; Perry, MJ; Müller, J; Bachynskyi, M
2016Mining Valence, arousal, and Dominance - Possibilities for detecting burnout and productivity?Mäntylä, M; Adams, B; Destefanis, G; Graziotin, D; Ortu, M
2017Timed runtime monitoring for multiparty conversationsNeykova, R; Bocchi, L; Yoshida, N
2017Let it recover: Multiparty protocol-induced recoveryNeykova, R; Yoshida, N