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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A Jini-Based Solution for Electronic PrescriptionsGhinea, G; Asgari, S; Moradi, A; Serif, T
2006Evaluating telemedicine: A focus on patient pathwaysCoughlan, JA; Eatock, J; Eldabi, T
2005Quality of perception: User quality of service in multimedia presentationsGhinea, G; Thomas, J T
1998QoS impact on user perception and understanding of multimedia video clipsGhinea, G; Thomas, J T
2001Predicting with sparse dataShepperd, MJ; Cartwright, MH
2002Predicting glaucomatous visual field deterioration through short multivariate time series modellingSwift, S; Liu, X
27-Jul-2022How Do Developers Really Feel About Bug Fixing? Directions for Automatic Program RepairWinter, E; Bowes, D; Counsell, S; Hall, T; Haraldsson, S; Nowack, V; Woodward, J
20-Aug-2021When Scents Help Me Remember My PasswordAlkasasbeh, AA; Spyridonis, F; Ghinea, G
3-Jul-2021Automated Climate Monitoring System: the Case of Greenhouse Industries in EthiopiaWeldeslasie, DT; Assres, G; Grønli, TM; Ghinea, G
1-Apr-2022Guest Editorial: Creative Learning in Authentic Contexts with Advanced Educational TechnologiesShadiev, R; Hwang, WY; Ghinea, G