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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2020Distributed Auxiliary Particle Filtering with Diffusion Strategy for Target Tracking: A Dynamic Event-Triggered ApproachSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
9-Dec-2020Particle Filtering for Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian Systems with Energy Harvesting Sensors Subject to Randomly Occurring Sensor SaturationsSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
26-Mar-2021Secure Particle Filtering for Cyber-Physical Systems With Binary Sensors Under Multiple AttacksSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
29-Jul-2021An improved generative adversarial network with modified loss function for crack detection in electromagnetic nondestructive testingTian, L; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Cheng, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Liu, X
31-Jul-2021Scheduler-based state estimation over multiple channels networksAlsaadi, FE; Wang, Z; Alharbi, KH
4-Sep-2021A New GAN-Based Approach to Data Augmentation and Image Segmentation for Crack Detection in Thermal Imaging TestsTian, L; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Cheng, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Liu, X
7-Jul-2021Recursive State Estimation for Stochastic Complex Networks under Round-Robin Communication Protocol: Handling Packet DisordersLiu, D; Wang, Z; Liu, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Alsaadi, FE
20-Dec-2020Maximum-correntropy-based Kalman filtering for time-varying systems with randomly occurring uncertainties: An event-triggered approachSu, T; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Alsaadi, FE
10-Jan-2021State-of-charge estimation for Li-ion batteries with uncertain parameters and uncorrelated/correlated noises: a recursive approachWang, J; Shen, B; Wang, Z; Alsaadi, FE; Alharbi, KH
25-Nov-2020ℓ<inf>2</inf>–ℓ<inf>∞</inf> proportional–integral observer design for systems with mixed time-delays under round–robin protocolZhao, D; Wang, Z; Wei, G; Alsaadi, FE