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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2020Ultimately Bounded Filtering for Time-Delayed Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Uniform Quantizations under Random Access ProtocolGuo, J; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Zhao, Z
9-Dec-2020Distributed Auxiliary Particle Filtering with Diffusion Strategy for Target Tracking: A Dynamic Event-Triggered ApproachSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
9-Dec-2020Particle Filtering for Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian Systems with Energy Harvesting Sensors Subject to Randomly Occurring Sensor SaturationsSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
2-Apr-2020A Hybrid Model- And Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Baseline Data Prediction of Friedreich's Ataxia PatientsYue, W; Wang, Z; Tian, B; Pook, M; Liu, X
31-Dec-2020Outlier-Resistant Observer-Based Control for a Class of Networked Systems Under Encoding–Decoding MechanismLi, J; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Yi, X
14-Aug-2020Probability-Guaranteed Envelope-Constrained Filtering for Nonlinear Systems Subject to Measurement OutliersMa, L; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Han, QL
1-Apr-2020Genetic-Algorithm-Assisted Sliding-Mode Control for Networked State-Saturated Systems over Hidden Markov Fading ChannelsSong, J; Wang, Z; Niu, Y; Dong, H
19-Aug-2020Nonfragile H<inf>∞</inf>State Estimation for Recurrent Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays: On Proportional-Integral Observer DesignZhao, D; Wang, Z; Wei, G; Liu, X
10-Jan-2020Recursive Filtering of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems with Attack DetectionDing, D; Han, Q-L; Wang, Z; Ge, X
3-Feb-2020A Prediction-Based Approach to Distributed Filtering with Missing Measurements and Communication Delays through Sensor NetworksHu, J; Wang, Z; Liu, GP; Zhang, H; Navaratne, R