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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A qualitative study of stakeholders' perspectives on the social network service environmentMacredie, R; Kim, H; Giacomin, J
2006The role of the scale and the frequency bandwidth of steering wheel vibration on road surface recognitionGiacomin, J; Woo, Y J
2013Human emotional response to steering wheel vibration in automobilesAjovalasit, M; Tajadura-Jiménez, A; Shabani, A; Giacomin, J
2003In-vehicle vibration study of child safety seatsGiacomin, J; Gallo, S
11-Jan-2019The effect of vibrational energy distribution on the level of driver detectionYusoff, SM; Giacomin, J
1-Jan-2020Virtual workshops on the road: Co-designing with drivers, within context in real-timede la Flor Aceituno, D; Giacomin, J; Malizia, A; Skrypchuk, L
11-Nov-2019Track 5.j Introduction: Innovation Through Design for MeaningAjovalasit, M; Giacomin, J; Gkatzidou, V; Jenson Bennett, J; Pettersson, I
11-Mar-2020A first-time investigation of psychosocial inclusivity in design: Inclusive supermarket design for older individualsLim, Y; Giacomin, J; Yin, Y; Nickpour, F
5-Aug-2016Automotive Habitat Laboratory: a facility for automotive co-designGkatzidou, V; Giacomin, J; Skrypchuk, L