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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Affective scenarios in automotive design: a human-centred approach towards understanding of emotional experienceCha, Kyungjoo
8-Mar-2019The effect of online effort and reputation of physicians on patients' choice: 3-Wave data analysis of China's Good Doctor website.Deng, Z; Hong, Z; Zhang, W; Evans, R; Chen, Y
10-Jan-2019Actual Air Pollution, Environmental Transparency, and the Perception of Air Pollution in ChinaZhang, H; Evans, RD; Zhong, X; Yang, K
2019Making a case for creating living labs for ageing in place: enabling socially innovative models for experimentation and complementary economiesSpinelli, G; Weaver, PW; Marks, M; Victor, C
2019The Effects of Knowledge Spillovers and Accelerator Programmes on the Product Innovation of High-Tech Start-ups: A Multiple Case StudyEvans, R; Cuvero, M; Granados, ML; Pilkington, A
11-Jan-2019The effect of vibrational energy distribution on the level of driver detectionYusoff, SM; Giacomin, J
2019e-Health systems adoption and telemedicine readiness: practitioner perspective from Libyan healthcare sectorAli, Abdullrahim
2019Distributed manufacturing applied to product-service systems: A set of near-future scenariosPetrulaityte, A; Ceschin, F; Pei, E; Harrison, D
21-Jun-2019Mapping & classifying business models to replace single-use packaging in the food & beverage industry: A strategic design toolMansour, N; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D; Long, Y
12-Jun-2019Investigating the impact of additive manufacturing data exchange standards for re-distributed manufacturingPei, E; Ressin, M; Campbell, RI; Eynard, B; Xiao, J