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Title: Feasibility study of a hand guided robotic drill for cochleostomy
Authors: Brett, P
Du, X
Zoka-Assadi, M
Coulson, C
Reid, A
Proops, D
Keywords: Hand guided robotic drill;Cochleostomy;Cochlear electrodes;Robotic surgery
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2014
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citation: Brett, P., Du, X., Zoka-Assadi, M., Coulson, C., Reid, A. and Proops, D. (2014) 'Feasibility Study of a Hand Guided Robotic Drill for Cochleostomy', BioMed Research International, 2014, 656325, pp. 1-8. doi: 10.1155/2014/656325.
Abstract: The concept of a hand guided robotic drill has been inspired by an automated, arm supported robotic drill recently applied in clinical practice to produce cochleostomies without penetrating the endosteum ready for inserting cochlear electrodes. The smart tactile sensing scheme within the drill enables precise control of the state of interaction between tissues and tools in real-time. This paper reports development studies of the hand guided robotic drill where the same consistent outcomes, augmentation of surgeon control and skill, and similar reduction of induced disturbances on the hearing organ are achieved. The device operates with differing presentation of tissues resulting from variation in anatomy and demonstrates the ability to control or avoid penetration of tissue layers as required and to respond to intended rather than involuntary motion of the surgeon operator. The advantage of hand guided over an arm supported system is that it offers flexibility in adjusting the drilling trajectory. This can be important to initiate cutting on a hard convex tissue surface without slipping and then to proceed on the desired trajectory after cutting has commenced. The results for trials on phantoms show that drill unit compliance is an important factor in the design.
ISSN: 2314-6133
Other Identifiers: 656325
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