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Title: Regularized and robust regression methods for high dimensional data
Authors: Hashem, Hussein Abdulahman
Advisors: Vinciotti, V
Yu, K
Keywords: Group lasso;Quantile regression;Binary regression;Tobit regression;Bayesian regression
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Recently, variable selection in high-dimensional data has attracted much research interest. Classical stepwise subset selection methods are widely used in practice, but when the number of predictors is large these methods are difficult to implement. In these cases, modern regularization methods have become a popular choice as they perform variable selection and parameter estimation simultaneously. However, the estimation procedure becomes more difficult and challenging when the data suffer from outliers or when the assumption of normality is violated such as in the case of heavy-tailed errors. In these cases, quantile regression is the most appropriate method to use. In this thesis we combine these two classical approaches together to produce regularized quantile regression methods. Chapter 2 shows a comparative simulation study of regularized and robust regression methods when the response variable is continuous. In chapter 3, we develop a quantile regression model with a group lasso penalty for binary response data when the predictors have a grouped structure and when the data suffer from outliers. In chapter 4, we extend this method to the case of censored response variables. Numerical examples on simulated and real data are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed methods in comparisons with other existing methods.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University London.
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