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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Land Rights in Nineteenth-Century Ottoman State Succession TreatiesBantekas, I
2013Legal anthropology and the construction of complex liabilitiesBantekas, I
2018The obligation of host states to accord the standard of “full protection and security” to foreign investments under international investment lawOnyeani, Onyema Awa
2016Odious debt as a claim under international law: Lessons from the Greek debt truth comitteeBantekas, I; Vivien, R
2016The Odiousness of Greek Debt in Light of the Findings of the Greek Debt Truth CommitteeBantekas, I; Vivien, Renaud
2016Paternal discrimination in Greek child custody proceedings: Failing the child’s best interestsBantekas, I
2014The pitfalls of lis pendens in transnational matrimonial jurisdiction disputes before English courtsBantekas, I
2016The prosecution’s duty of disclosure before international criminal tribunalsAlice Chang-Jung, Yang
2019The role of international law and politics in resolving Iran's nuclear non-proliferation caseEsfahani, Mahshid Yaraghi
2009Saudi law and judicial practice in commercial and banking arbitrationBaamir, Abdulrahman
2009Saudi law as lex arbitri: Evaluation of Saudi arbitration law and judicial practiceBaamir, A; Bantekas, I
2013Transnational talaq (divorce) in english courts: law meets cultureBantekas, I
2015The treatment of tax as expropriation in International investor–state arbitrationLazem, A; Bantekas, I
2009United Nations employment law and the causes for its failed senior female appointments recordBantekas, I