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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Impacts of Work-Life-Balance (WLB) Challenges on Social Sustainability: The Experience of Nigerian Female Medical DoctorsMushfiqur, R; Mordi, C; Oruh, ES; Nwagbara, U; Mordi, T; Turner, IM
2018Implementation of the work-family balance practices (WFBPS) in the Malaysian oil and gas workplace: Experiences amongst managers and executivesIsmail, Noorhasyimah
2019In Search of Perfect Boundaries? Entrepreneurs’ Work-Life BalanceMordi, C
7-Nov-2019The Influence of Organisational Culture on Leadership Style in Higher Education InstitutionsAkainji, B; Mordi, C; Adisa, T; Ajonbadi, H
2017The influence of paralympic endorsement on consumers’ purchase intentionIsmael, Helen
2015The inter-relationship between work-life balance and organisational culture: an empirical study of Nigerian health sectorAdisa, Toyin, A
2015Investigating factors influencing E-hrm implementation in government organisations: a multiple case study of BangladeshMd. Mushfiqur, Rahman
2019Investigating the contextual embeddedness of female entrepreneurship - a feminist and institutional approachHatoum, Hala
2019Investigating the organizational factors influencing information security management in the context of smart city organizations-
2019Investigating the relationship between managerialist employment relations and employee turnover intention: The case of NigeriaMordi, C
2018Legitimisation Strategies and Managerial Capture: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Employment Relations in NigeriaOruh; Nwagbara; Mordi, C; Mushfiqur
2011Location motivations for foreign direct investment in the petrochemicals industry: the case of Saudi ArabiaBinsaeed, Fawaz
2017Managerial capture of employee voice in unionised and non-unionised employee representations (NERs) setting: an empirical evidence from NigeriaOruh, Emeka Smart
2010The role of cultural values in understanding the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in NigeriaMordi, C; Simpson, R; Singh, S; Okafor, C
2020Social Dominance, Hyper-Masculinity and Career Barriers in NigeriaAdisa; Mordi, C; Simpson Ruth; Iwowo
2019Time Biases: Exploring the Work-Life Balance of Single Nigerian Managers and ProfessionalsAkainji; Mordi, C; Simpson, R; Adisa; Oruh
2019"Understanding the Trajectory of the Academic Progress of International Students in the UKAdisa; Baderin; Gbadamosi; Mordi, C
2017Work-life balance among medical doctors in Nigeria: a gender perspectiveTurner, Itari
2017Workplace perceived gender discrimination in the Bahraini banking sector. A case analysis of Islamic and conventional banksAlalawi, Esam Ismaeel
2016Work–life balance policies and practices in Nigeria: experiences from managerial and non managerial employees in the banking sectorOjo, Stella Ibiyinka