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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2023Accelerating UN Sustainable Development Goals with AI-Driven Technologies: A Systematic Literature Review of Women’s HealthcareLau, PL; Nandy, M; Chakraborty, S
29-Dec-2022B Corps in India: A Sustainable Business ModelGoel, P; Misra, R; Lodh, S; Nandy, M; Mishra, N
19-Oct-2020Biodiversity and Extinction Accounting for Sustainable Development: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research DirectionsRoberts, L; Hassan, A; Elamer, A; Nandy, M
6-Dec-2022Can CSR mechanisms spur GRI adoption and restore its lost value relevance?Nandy, M; Kuzey, C; Uyar, A; Lodh, S; Karaman, AS
2018Complementarities between governance and human capital: A comprehensive model of public employees’ innovativeness based on evidence from Saudi ArabiaAlbakhiti, Mohammed Saleh
28-Jun-2020The Comprehensive Environmental Management Model In Post-Covid19 EraNandy, M; Lodh, S; Marocchi, G; Corradini, A
10-Apr-2021Corporate accountability towards species extinction protection: insights from ecologically forward-thinking companiesRoberts, L; Nandy, M; Hasan, A; Lodh, S; Elhamer, A
1-Mar-2024A Crime by Any Other Name: Gender Differences in Moral Reasoning When Judging the Tax Evasion of Cryptocurrency TradersGrym, J; Aspara, J; Nandy, M; Lodh, S
2020Director’s network, governance bundles and cash holding in foreign cross listed companiesKaur, Jaskaran
30-Mar-2022Do ownership structures and governance attributes matter for corporate sustainability reporting? An examination in the Indian contextKumar, K; Kumari, R; Nandy, M; Sarim, M; Kumar, R
10-Aug-2020Does lobbying of firms complement executive networks in determining executive compensation?Nandy, M; Lodh, S; Wang, J; Kaur, J
2018Executive Compensation in Corporate Lobbying FirmsNandy, M; wang, J; Lodh, S
15Exploration of small and medium entities' actions on sustainability practices and their implications for a greener economyAfolabi, H; Ram, R; Hussainey, K; Nandy, M; Lodh, S
28-Jan-2019Factors Influencing Firm Sustainability Report External Assurance and the Contingent Firm Choice of External Assurance ProviderNandy, M; Lodh, S; McAleer, D
2018Fair Value in the Professional Valuation: Concept and ModelsNandy, M; Lodh, S; Artemenkov, A
9-Apr-2020The Future of Businesses Reporting: Learning from Financial and COVID-19 CrisesHassan, A; Nandy, M; Roberts, L; Elamer, AA; Lodh, S
20-May-2021The Future of Non-Financial Businesses Reporting: Learning from the Covid-19 PandemicHassan, A; Elamer, A; Lodh, S; Roberts, L; Nandy, M
14-Apr-2021The Future of Non-Financial Businesses Reporting: Learning from the Covid-19 PandemicHassan, A; Elamer, AA; Lodh, S; Roberts, L; Nandy, M
2017Gender inequality and disabled inclusivity in accounting higher education during crisisNandy, M
24-Apr-2021How does culture impinge upon managers’ demeanor of earnings management? Evidence from cross-country analysisNandy, M; Lodh, S; Chaney, PK