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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2024Health conditions in spousal caregivers of people with dementia and their relationships with stress, caregiving experiences, and social networks: longitudinal findings from the IDEAL programmeSabatini, S; Martyr, A; Hunt, A; Gamble, LD; Matthews, FE; Thom, JM; Jones, RW; Allan, L; Knapp, M; Quinn, C; Victor, C; Pentecost, C; Rusted, JM; Morris, RG; Clare, L
6-Sep-2019“I can do this”: a qualitative exploration of acceptability and experiences of a physical activity behaviour change intervention in people with multiple sclerosis in the UKFortune, J; Norris, M; Stennett, A; Kilbride, C; Lavelle, G; Hendrie, W; de Souza, L; Abdul, M; Brewin, D; David, L; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Ryan, JM
12-Nov-2021Impact of COVID-19 on ‘living well’ with mild-to-moderate dementia in the community: findings from the IDEAL cohortClare, L; Martyr, A; Gamble, L; Pentecost, C; Collins, R; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Parker, S; Allan, L; Burns, A; Hillman, A; Litherland, R; Quinn, C; Matthews, F; Victor, C
8-Apr-2022Impact of COVID‐19 on carers of people with dementia in the community: Findings from the British IDEAL cohortQuinn, C; Gamble, LD; Parker, S; Martyr, A; Collins, R; Victor, C; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Pentecost, C; Allan, L; Clare, L
29-May-2019The impact of relationship quality on life satisfaction and well-being in dementia caregiving dyads: findings from the IDEAL studyRippon, I; Quinn, C; Martyr, A; Morris, R; Nelis, SM; Jones, IR; Victor, C; Clare, L
23-Sep-2021Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Loneliness and Social Isolation: A Multi-Country StudyO’Sullivan, R; Burns, A; Leavey, G; Leroi, I; Burholt, V; Lubben, J; Holt-Lunstad, J; Victor, C; Lawlor, B; Vilar-Compte, M; Perissinotto, CM; Tully, MA; Sullivan, MP; Rosato, M; McHugh Power, J; Tiilikainen, E; Prohaska, TR
26-Dec-2019Incidence of falls among adults with cerebral palsy: a cohort study using primary care data from the United KingdomRyan, J; Cameron, M; Liverani, S; Smith, KJ; O'Connell, NE; Peterson, MD; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Boland, F
2019Incidence of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases in adults with cerebral palsy: a population-based cohort study.O'Connell, NE; Smith, KJ; Peterson, MD; Ryan, N; Liverani, S; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Ryan, JM
2019Influence of Positive and Negative Dimensions of Dementia Caregiving on Caregiver Well-Being and Satisfaction With Life: Findings From the IDEAL StudyQuinn, C; Nelis, SM; Martyr, A; Victor, C; Morris, RG; Clare, L
20-Mar-2017The institutional logic of integrated care: An ethnography of patient transitionsShaw, J; Kontos, P; Martin, W; Victor, C
2014The inter-relation between policy and practice for transitions from hospital to home: An ethnographic case study in England’s National Health ServiceShaw, J; Kontos, P; Martin, W; Victor, C
27-Jul-2021Introduction to the special section on loneliness across the life spanGoossens, L; Victor, C; Qualter, P
18-Feb-2021Is loneliness a cause or consequence of dementia? A public health analysis of the literatureVictor, C
2015Is loneliness in later life a self-fulfilling prophecy?Pikhartova, J; Bowling, A; Victor, C
2015"It's not just about's the practice nurse that makes it work": a qualitative exploration of the views of practice nurses delivering complex physical activity interventions in primary careBeighton, C; Victor, C; Normansell, R; Cook, D; Kerry, S; Iliffe, S; Ussher, M; Whincup, P; Fox-Rushby, J; Woodcock, A; Harris, T
2016'It's the little things that count': Healthcare professionals' views on delivering dignified care: A qualitative studyWilliams, V; Kinnear, D; Victor, C
1-Feb-2022Limited receipt of support services among people with mild‐to‐moderate dementia: Findings from the IDEAL cohortHorik, JO; Collins, R; Martyr, A; Henderson, C; Jones, RW; Knapp, M; Quinn, C; Thom, JM; Victor, C; Clare, L
24-Nov-2020Living Alone with Mild-To-Moderate Dementia: Findings from the IDEAL CohortClare, L; Martyr, A; Henderson, C; Gamble, L; Matthews, FE; Quinn, C; Nelis, SM; Rusted, J; Thom, J; Knapp, M; Hart, N; Victor, C
7-Jul-2022‘Living well’ trajectories among family caregivers of people with mild-to-moderate dementia in the IDEAL cohortClare, L; Gamble, LD; Martyr, A; Sabatini, S; Nelis, SM; Quinn, C; Pentecost, C; Victor, C; Jones, RW; Jones, IR; Knapp, M; Litherland, R; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; Collins, R; Henderson, C; Matthews, FE
16-Nov-2021Living with dementia under COVID-19 restrictions: coping and support needs among people with dementia and carers from the IDEAL cohortO'Rourke, G; Pentecost, C; Eleanor, VDH; Victor, C; Quinn, C; Hillman, A; Litherland, R; Clare, L