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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Academy of Management Annual MeetingWang, CL; Tao, X; Robson, P
2012Ambidextrous organizational culture, contextual ambidexterity and new product innovation: A comparative study of UK and Chinese high-tech firmsWang, CL; Rafiq, M
18-Dec-2020Collaborative Strategic Foresight and New Product Development in Chinese Pharmaceutical FirmsLi, X; Sarpong, D; Wang, CL
9-Dec-2021Commonalities and specificities of dynamic capabilities: a mixed methods study of UK high-tech SMEsSenaratne, C; Wang, CL; Sarma, M
30-Apr-2019The contingent effect of social networking ties on Asian immigrant enterprises' innovationChung, HFL; Yen, DA; Wang, CL
2019Dynamic Capabilities: What are they and what are they for?Wang, CL; Pitelis, C
2013Entrepreneurial Leadership and Context in Chinese Firms: A Tale of Two Chinese Private EnterprisesWang, CL; Ding Ding, T; Ahmed, PK
27-May-2014Entrepreneurial preparedness: an exploratory case study of Chinese private enterprisesWang, CL; Rafiq, M; Li, X; Zheng, Y
2011The measurement of guanxi: Introducing the GRX scaleYen, DA; Barnes, BR; Wang, CL
2-Jan-2020Stress and coping strategies among NHS executives in sustainability and transformation partnershipsBrown, C; Hendy, J; Wang, CL
2018Understanding internal conditions driving ordinary and dynamic capabilities in Indian high-tech firmsQaiyum, S; Wang, CL
24-Oct-2021User design as a double-edged sword: Exploring perceived self-improvement and uncertainty in purchasing utilitarian productsChen, C; Zhang, D; Lu, K; Wang, CL