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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comparison of Chinese corporate brand slogans in two periods: before and after China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). A content analysis on Chinese national culture values and advertising appealsWang, Wenwen
12-Apr-2022Consumers’ willingness to share digital footprints on social media: the role of affective trustSyed, M; Dey, B; Alwi, S; Kamal, M; Asaad, Y
2019Corporate social responsibility as an augmented corporate heritage identity trait - a case study of the Jordanian banking sectorAl-Amad, Amjad
2018An empirical investigation into the behavioural aspects of OBC participation for the brand using the commitment-trust theory of relationship marketingPournaris, Marios
4-Apr-2020Film or Film brands? UK consumers' engagement with films as brandsKohli, GS; Yen, D; Alwi, S; Gupta, S
9-Dec-2020The Impact of COVID-19 on Celebrity and Social Media Influencers’ Branding StrategyHambali, A; Alwi, S
2017Introducing celebrity corporate brand: moving beyond endorsement and exploring its effect on corporate brand enhancementHambali, Anisah
9-Dec-2020Management of Corporate Identity for the pursuit of sustained CSR implementTourky, M; Alwi, S; Shaalan, A; Balmer, J
9-Dec-2020Sustainable branding strategy via celebrity corporate brandHambali, A; Alwi, S; Balmer, J
9-Sep-2019Towards a Framework for Understanding Ethnic Consumers' Acculturation Strategies in a Multicultural Environment: A Food Consumption PerspectiveDey, BL; Alwi, S; Yamoah, F; Agyepong, S; Kizgin, H; Sarma, M