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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2022Bryostatin-1 Attenuates Ischemia-Elicited Neutrophil Transmigration and Ameliorates Graft Injury after Kidney TransplantationBecker, F; Kebschull, L; Rieger, C; Mohr, A; Heitplatz, B; Van Marck, V; Hansen, U; Ansari, J; Reuter, S; Strücker, B; Pascher, A; Brockmann, JG; Castor, T; Alexander, JS; Gavins, FNE
25-Oct-2019Development, characterisation and in vitro evaluation of lanthanide-based FPR2/ALX-targeted imaging probesBoltersdorf, T; Ansari, J; Senchenkova, E; Jiang, L; White, AJP; Coogan, M; Gavins, F; Long, NJ
26-Feb-2021The Impact of Thrombo‐inflammation on the Cerebral MicrocirculationAnsari, J; Gavins, FNE
2019Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Sickle Cell Disease: From Basics to TherapeuticsAnsari, J; Gavins, FNE
19-Dec-2021Neutrophils and Platelets: Immune Soldiers Fighting Together in Stroke PathophysiologyAnsari, J; Gavins, FNE
2017Non-celiac gluten sensitivity: All wheat attack is not celiacIgbinedion, SO; Ansari, J; Vasikaran, A; Gavins, FN; Jordan, P; Boktor, M; Alexander, JS
3-Jul-2019Novel Role for the AnxA1-Fpr2/ALX Signaling Axis as a Key Regulator of Platelet Function to Promote Resolution of InflammationSenchenkova, EY; Ansari, J; Becker, F; Vital, SA; Al-Yafeai, Z; Sparkenbaugh, EM; Pawlinski, R; Stokes, KY; Carroll, JL; Dragoi, AM; Qin, CX; Ritchie, RH; Sun, H; Cuellar-Saenz, HH; Rubinstein, MR; Han, YW; Orr, AW; Perretti, M; Granger, DN; Gavins, FNE
8-Oct-2021The Spectrum of Acute Cerebrovascular Disease in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 Diagnosis at OLSU-STriay, R; Ansari, J; Winter, V; Riel-Romero, RMS; Gonzalez-Toledo, E; Gavins, FNE; Kelley, RE
13-Feb-2022The Spectrum of Acute Cerebrovascular Disease in Patients with COVID-19Triay, R; Buchhanolla, P; Gaudet, A; Winter, V; Gaudet, A; Riel-Romero, RMS; Javalkar, V; Kelley, RE; Ansari, J; Faraji, M; Gonzalez-Toledo, E; Cuellar-Saenz, HH; Bailey, S; Siddaiah, H; Gavins, FNE
13-Nov-2020Targeting AnxA1/Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 Pathway Affords Protection against Pathological Thrombo-InflammationVital, SA; Senchenkova, EY; Ansari, J; Gavins, FNE
26-Jan-2021Targeting AnxA1/Fpr2/ALX Regulates Neutrophil Function Promoting Thrombo-Inflammation Resolution in Sickle Cell DiseaseAnsari, J; Senchenkova, EY; Vital, SA; Al-Yafeai, Z; Kaur, G; Sparkenbaugh, EM; Orr, AW; Pawlinski, R; Hebbel, RP; Granger, DN; Kubes, P; Gavins, F
17-May-2020Targeting of Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 for in vivo imaging of acute vascular inflammationBoltersdorf, T; Ansari, J; Senchenkova, E; Groeper, J; Pajonczyk, D; Vital, S; Kaur, G; Alexander, J; Vogl, T; Rescher, U; Long, N; Gavins, F
16-Apr-2018Therapeutic Potential of Annexin A1 in Ischemia Reperfusion InjuryAnsari, J; Kaur, G; Gavins, F