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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2022Accounting and Auditing with Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence: A Literature ReviewHan, H; Shiwakoti, RK; Jarvis, R; Mordi, C; Botchie, D
8-Aug-2022Chain upgrading, technology transfer, and legitimacy: The Schumpeterian character of China in the information and communication technology sector in SSABotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Meissner, D
2017A comparative study of appropriateness and mechanisms of hard and soft technologies transferBotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Bi, J
2018Corruption as a Source of Government Project Failure in Developing Countries: Evidence from GhanaDamoah, IS; Akwei, CA; Amoako, IO; Botchie, D
7-Jan-2020Crafting the forever now: corporate heritage brand innovation at John Lewis PartnershipSammour, A; Chen, W; Balmer, JMT; Botchie, D; Faraday, J
2017Developing entrepreneurship in Africa: investigating critical resource challengesAtiase, VY; Mahmood, S; Wang, Y; Botchie, D
4-Jun-2020Do-it-Yourself (DiY) Science: The proliferation, relevance, and concernsSarpong, D; Ofosu, G; Botchie, D; Clear, F
3-Sep-2019Ethnic Business Failure: A Scarcity Mind-set PerspectiveSarpong, D; Maclean, M; Oruh, ES; Botchie, D
2024Exploring how prisoners experience work: A discursive practice approachAidoo, Eunice
2023Exploring third-party certification programmes in commodity value chains: A temporal myopia perspectiveSiaw, Daniel
2017From imitation to innovation: The discursive processes of knowledge creation in the Chinese space industryBi, J; Sarpong, D; Botchie, D; Rao-Nicholson, R
2018From Marginal to Mainstream: The Revival, Transformation and Boom of Plant MedicineSarpong, D; Botchie, D; Dey, B
9-Dec-2019From preparedness to coordination: operational excellence in post-disaster supply chain management in AfricaBotchie, D; Damoah, IS; Tingbani, I
2023The gold rush for business excellence awards: A discursive practice approachAsante, Shadrack
7-Feb-2018In Direct Breach of Managerial Edicts: A Practice Approach to Creative Deviance in Professional Service FirmsSarpong, D; Bi, J; Botchie, D
3-Sep-2019Learning From Afar Gatekeepers Of Innovation In Ghanas Food Processing ClustersBotchie, D; Ayarkwah, A; Damoah, I
2023The making of female scientific legends: Career narratives of the OWSD-Elsevier award winning early-career research scientistsTorbor, Mabel
1-Dec-2021On the consequences of scarcity mindset: How ‘having too little’ means so much for ethnic venture failureSarpong, D; Maclean, M; Oruh, ES; Botchie, D
5-May-2023A phoenix rising? The regeneration of the Ghana garment and textile industrySarpong, D; Ofosu, G; Botchie, D; Meissner, D
2023Regulatory review of new product innovation: Routine-practice perspectiveBoakye, Derrick Antwi Donkor