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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Anomalous buried hollows in London: development of a hazard susceptibility mapBanks, VJ; Bricker, SH; Royse, KR; Collins, PEF
2015Application of passive seismic to the detection of buried hollowsRaines, M; Banks, VJ; Chambers, JE; Collins, PEF; Jones, PF; Morgan, DJR; Riding, JB; Royse, KR
20-Nov-2020Buried (drift-filled) hollows in London – a review of their location and key characteristicsFlynn, AL; Collins, PEF; Skipper, JA; Pickard, T; Koor, N; Reading, P; Davis, JA
2008The dendroclimatology of modern and neolithic scots pine (Pinus sylvestris l.) in the peatlands of northern ScotlandMoir, Andrew Kevin
2014Dissolution influences on gypsum rock under short and long-term loading: Implications for damsSalih, NB; Collins, PEF; Kershaw, S
2017Evaluation of frost heave and moisture/chemical migration mechanisms in highway subsoil using a laboratory simulation methodSarsembayeva, A; Collins, PEF
2018Flood resilience: consolidating knowledge between and within critical infrastructure sectorsPearson, J; Punzo, G; Mayfield, M; Brighty, G; Parsons, A; Collins, PEF; Jeavons, S; Tagg, A
2006Floodplain environmental change during the younger dryas and holocene: Evidence from the lower kennet valley, south central EnglandCollins, PEF; Worsley, P; Keith-Lucas, DM; Fenwick, IM
2005Fluvial stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments in the Pasinler Basin, eastern TurkeyCollins, PEF; Rust, DJ; Bayraktutan, MS
21-Mar-2019Fully Non-Linear Numerical Simulation of a Shaking Table Test of Dynamic Soil-Pile-Structure Interactions in Soft Clay Using ABAQUSAl-Isawi, AT; Collins, PEF; Cashell, KA
2008Geomorphological insight into changing tectonic regime, Pasinler Basin, TurkeyCollins, PEF; Rust, DJ; Bayraktutan, MS
2016Late Holocene vegetation and ocean variability in the Gulf of OmanMiller, CS; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF; Lahijani, HAK
2005Mechanisms for the control of U.K. butterfly abundance by the North Atlantic OscillationWestgarth-Smith, AR; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF; Roy, DB
2019New coring study in Augusta Bay expands understanding of offshore tsunami deposits (Eastern Sicily, Italy)Smedile, A; Molisso, F; Chagué, C; Iorio, M; De Martini, PM; Pinzi, S; Collins, PEF; Sagnotti, L; Pantosti, D
11-Feb-2021Nonlinear numerical simulation of physical shaking table test, using three different soil constitutive modelsAlisawi, AT; Collins, PEF; Cashell, KA
2005The North Atlantic Oscillation and U.K. Butterfly PopulationsWestgarth-Smith, AR; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF
2005The North Atlantic Oscillation and UK butterfly life cycles, pigmentation, morphology, behaviour and conservationWestgarth-Smith, AR; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF; Roy, DB
2008Paleoearthquakes of the Düzce fault (North Anatolian Fault Zone): Insights for large surface faulting earthquake recurrencePantosti, D; Pucci, S; Palyvos, N; De Martini, PM; D'Addezio, G; Collins, PEF; Zabci, C
2007Temporal variations in English Populations of a forest insect pest, the green spruce aphid (Elatobium abietinum), associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation and global warmingWestgarth-Smith, AR; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF; Harrington, R