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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Mar-2021Determinants of COVID-19 outcomes: A systematic reviewCrankson, S; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, NK
4-Jan-2022Determinants of COVID-19-Related Length of Hospital Stays and Long COVID in Ghana: A Cross-Sectional AnalysisCrankson, S; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, NK
9-Feb-2023Framework Convention on Tobacco Control 2030 - A Program to Accelerate the Implementation of World Health Organization Framework Convention for Tobacco Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Mixed-Methods EvaluationSiddiqi, K; Elsey, H; Khokhar, MA; Marshall, AM; Pokhrel, S; Arora, M; Crankson, S; Mehra, R; Morello, P; Collin, J; Fong, GT
25-Aug-2023Interrelationship between arterial hypertension, health service costs, therapeutic treatment and physical activityLima dos Santos, L; Codogno, JS; Camilo Turi-Lynch, B; Araujo, MYC; Fernandes, RA; de Oliveira Gomes, GA; Crankson, S; Anokye, N