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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2020Blockchain Application for Central Banks: A Systematic Mapping StudyCounsell, S; Dashkevich, N; Destefanis, G
5-Sep-2019Blockchain: A panacea for electronic health records?Kassab, M; Defranco, J; Malas, T; Graciano Neto, VV; Destefanis, G
2020The Butterfly “Affect”: Impact of Development Practices on Cryptocurrency PricesBartolucci, S; Destefanis, G; Ortu, M; Uras, N; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R
20-Aug-2021Could Blockchain Help with COVID-19 Crisis?Kassab, MH; Vicente Graciano Neto, V; Destefanis, G; Malas, T
8-Dec-2021Cryptocurrency ecosystems and social media environments: An empirical analysis through Hawkes’ models and natural language processingOrtu, M; Vacca, S; Destefanis, G; Conversano, C
2-May-2020Describing software developers affectiveness through Markov chain modelsOrtu, M; Conversano, C; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G
2018Do developers really worry about refactoring re-test? An empirical study of open-source systemsCounsell, S; Swift, S; Arzoky, M; Destefanis, G
2016The emotional side of software developers in JIRAOrtu, M; Murgia, A; Destefanis, G; Tourani, P; Tonelli, R; Marchesi, M; Adams, B
22-Aug-2019Exploring Research in Blockchain for Healthcare and a Roadmap for the FutureKassab, M; DeFranco, J; Malas, T; Laplante, P; Destefanis, G; Valdemar Vicente Graciano, N
5-May-2021Exploring the Profiles of Software Testing Jobs in the United StatesKassab, M; Laplante, P; Defranco, J; Vicente Graciano Neto, V; Destefanis, G
24-Feb-2023Fault-insertion and fault-fixing behavioural patterns in Apache Software Foundation ProjectsOrtu, M; Destefanis, G; Hall, T; Bowes, D
2020How do you propose your code changes? Empirical Analysis of Affect Metrics of Pull Requests on GitHubOrtu, M; Destefanis, G; Graziotin, D; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R
13-Feb-2024MindTheDApp: A Toolchain for Complex Network-Driven Structural Analysis of Ethereum-based Decentralised ApplicationsIbba, G; Aufiero, S; Bartolucci, S; Neykova, R; Ortu, M; Tonelli, R; Destefanis, G
2016Mining Valence, arousal, and Dominance - Possibilities for detecting burnout and productivity?Mäntylä, M; Adams, B; Destefanis, G; Graziotin, D; Ortu, M
16-Mar-2022On technical trading and social media indicators for cryptocurrency price classification through deep learningOrtu, M; Uras, N; Conversano, C; Bartolucci, S; Destefanis, G
11-Dec-2020On the Link between Refactoring Activity and Class Cohesion through the Prism of Two Cohesion-Based MetricsCounsell, S; Destefanis, G; Swift, S; Arzoky, M; Taibi, D
17-Oct-2019On the Relationship Between Coupling and Refactoring: An Empirical ViewpointCounsell, S; Arzoky, M; Destefanis, G; Taibi, D
12-Nov-2023A Preliminary Analysis of Software Metrics in Decentralised ApplicationsIbba, G; Khullar, S; Tesfai, E; Neykova, R; Aufiero, S; Ortu, M; Bartolucci, S; Destefanis, G
2019The Prevalence of Errors in Machine Learning ExperimentsShepperd, M; Guo, Y; Li, N; Arzoky, M; Capiluppi, A; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G; Swift, S; Tucker, A; Yousefi, L
2023Smart contract metrics: a first studyTonelli, R; Pierro, GA; Ortu, M; Destefanis, G