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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2023Cas1-Cas2 physically and functionally interacts with DnaK to modulate CRISPR AdaptationKillelea, T; Dimude, JU; He, L; Stewart, AL; Kemm, FE; Radovčić, M; Ivančić-Baće, I; Rudolph, CJ; Bolt, EL
30-Jun-2018Chromosomal over-replication in Escherichia coli recG cells is triggered by replication fork fusion and amplified if replichore symmetry is disturbedMidgley-Smith, SL; Dimude, JU; Taylor, T; Forrester, NM; Upton, AL; Lloyd, RG; Rudolph, CJ
2015The consequences of replicating in the wrong orientation: Bacterial chromosome duplication without an active replication originDimude, JU; Stockum, A; Midgley-Smith, SL; Upton, AL; Foster, HA; Khan, A; Saunders, NJ; Retkute, R; Rudolph, CJ
14-Mar-2019Direct removal of RNA polymerase barriers to replication by accessory replicative helicasesHawkins, M; Dimude, JU; Howard, JAL; Smith, AJ; Dillingham, MS; Savery, NJ; Rudolph, CJ; McGlynn, P
2016Replication termination: Containing fork fusion-mediated pathologies in escherichia coliDimude, JU; Midgley-Smith, SL; Stein, M; Rudolph, C
19-Aug-2018Replication-transcription conflicts trigger extensive DNA degradation in Escherichia coli cells lacking RecBCDDimude, JU; Midgley-Smith, SL; Rudolph, CJ
2015Shaping the landscape of the Escherichia coli chromosome: replication-transcription encounters in cells with an ectopic replication originIvanova, D; Taylor, T; Smith, SL; Dimude, JU; Upton, AL; Mehrjouy, MM; Skovgaard, O; Sherratt, DJ; Retkute, R; Rudolph, CJ